urban-fitness-30daysWelcome to the 30-Day Affiliate Challenge!

For the next 30-days, we’re going to be combining a ton of free training through video and blog posts, plus niche reports that you can use to make money online quickly – for free!

What this means for you:

  1. You get free affiliate training, where you’ll learn to make money on your blog, on Facebook, or from your email list!
  2. You’ll have a chance to win cool prizes, including a mini iPad!
  3. If you hit the leaderboard, your name will be surrounded by other awesome affiliates online…
  4. And, most importantly, you’ll have developed a skill that you can use to quit your job, tell your boss to go screw himself, and define your own destiny!

Sound like a plan?  Good.

To take part in it, sign up here:


It’s 100% free.  We’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it.  Just open up your emails, follow along and do what we tell you to :0)

As for the prizes…

— Jason

30-Day Challenge Training

Affiliate Website Training

Day 1: What is affiliate marketing?
Day 2: Find a product to promote
Day 3: Writing Content Google Loves
Day 4: Publishing Your Stuff!
Day 5: Money Making Site Tweaks
Day 6: Free Traffic Basics
Day 7: Building Links With Articles
Day 8: Social Posting And Content Syndication
Day 9: How To Get Authority Backlinks
Day 10: Social SEO How-To
Day 11: Linkbuilding With Press Releases
Day 12: Not So Advanced Linkbuilding Strategies
Day 13: How To Track Your Keyword Rankings
Day 14: Monitoring Your Traffic
BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Website Workshop Replay Video

Affiliate Facebook Training

Day 15: Picking A Solid Niche For Your Facebook Page
Day 16: Getting Products And Affiliate Links
Day 17: How To Create A Facebook Page!
Day 18: Priming Your Facebook Page For Monetization
Day 19: How To Get Your First Page Likes
Day 20: How Often To Update Your FB Page
Day 21: How To Get More Likes On Facebook!
BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Facebook And Paid Traffic Workshop Replay Video

Email Marketing

Day 22: Jumpstarting Your Email Marketing
Day 23: Setting Up Your Landing Page
Day 24: How To Manage Your List Properly
Day 25: How To Write Email Copy
Day 26: Creating Killer Lead Magnets
Day 27: Blowing Up Your List
Day 28: Split Testing For Higher Conversions


Day 29: Launchjacking How-To