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Lesson Transcript:

This section is going to be about brainstorming and how you can brainstorm your product and basically map the whole thing, do all the hard thinking right now so that you don’t really have too much left to do. And this is a very, very easy process. This is also the one that people get caught up on because the prospect of building an information product is so daunting for a lot of people. They’re like, “I just don’t know where to start.” This right here, this module is where you start. So if in the future you are creating a digital product and you’re having problems putting the whole thing together, rewatch this video. This is where the whole ground work is laid.

One of my favorite things to do after I find my problem, solution and I figure out who I’m going to sell it to is I brainstorm it. Now, typically I use a mind mapping software like Mind Jet Mind Manager, which is maybe $100 or something. Or I use MindMeister which actually has a free account. It’s It’s very cool stuff. It integrates with your iPad and your iPhone so you can take the stuff with you.

At the center of the mind map I put the title, like DigiDiamonds, for instance. So DigiDiamonds, this course, when I was brainstorming this course I put DigiDiamonds in the middle and then I started creating all of the different modules from that center. Then I really start writing down everything I know in relation to the product or to that idea. So I generally just write, meaning I don’t filter too much. I can always go back and take words and ideas out, but what results is something like this.

This is the DigiDiamonds map of what this course actually entails and this is exactly how I created it. I said, “Okay, digital products, DigiDiamonds. The first thing we’re going to do is talk about niche discovery.” You can actually see that this is the last module in the niche discovery section which is how to brainstorm. The second module is creating the product, the third is creating the website, fourth is marketing. So this is exactly how the course is structured.

After that, after this, all I have to do is go back in and start filling in slides, filling in content, creating the training itself. But all the hard work is already done because I’ve already mind mapped it. So that’s the mind map that I used for this course. Niche discovery, creating the product, creating the website, marketing, sales copy, getting noticed in the media, how to get published.

Each of the sub-sections flow out of those. So creating the product talks about e-books, videos, audios, teleseminars, workbooks and all the different product specific areas. That’s how the whole thing was put together. When I started, though, it was like a straight brain dump. It was everything I knew about digital products and then I had to go in and reorganize. I just started typing words related to the topic and then I organized them into sections and started creating the materials you see here.

Now, brainstorming allows you to enter into a zone that your mind can play in and create very complete products and courses. It’s the only way I do stuff anymore because I can concentrate fully on one topic and immerse myself in the thoughts and the language for lengthy periods of time. So I can actually get in that zone. I’m not typing. Actually I am typing but I’m not listening to music or email or Skype or Facebook or any of that stuff. I can just sit down and say, “All right, this is what this course is going to be.” Then I just start banging out words and just bam, bam, bam, bam. Everything related to the topic at hand. Then I kind of let it sit for a little while – hour, a couple hours maybe. And then I go back in and I rearrange everything so that I can put it together in modules so that there’s a good flow of training and education in it. Then I just very simply start creating the slides, start thinking of different ways that I can train with software, start thinking of different things I can do. So it’s a magical process.

Now up next we’re going to talk about the hook, and that’s actually in this. We’re moving into the next section, the product creation section itself. And the hook is what you’re going to use to get people interested in your course and it’s basically the starting point of your digital product. So I look forward to it. I’ll talk to you again soon. Thanks.