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Lesson Transcript:

What we’re going to talk about in this video is simple solutions. The reason I wanted to create something about having simple solutions is because those are the products that are going to sell the best. The products that offer simple step by step, one two three four, this is what you do and this is the sequence you do it in, sell like hotcakes because people relate to it. They want a simple blueprint.

The best digital products in the world are the ones that offer up simple solutions. Four simple steps to, eleven forgotten techniques to. They work just as well for lead generation as they do for packaged products, products that you actually sell. You can put them together as reports or audios or video. Just give a simple tip and it’s going to be enough for people to sign up for your list.

The best way to break down complex topics is to establish simple stepping stones where your reader can A, visualize the end of the first step. Something that’s very, very actionable. B, accomplish that step. C, feel the success of the accomplishment, and you want to be able to play up the feeling of success of accomplishment in your auto responder copy or in the video itself or however you’re delivering that strategy. And then you want to move onto the rest of your product.

Think about this course. This course is basically broken down into eight sections. Understanding digital products, laying the foundation for a digital product, understanding your target market, getting into lead generation, product packaging, check out pages technology and then sales copy and then email marketing. It’s a very, very robust platform but you’re going to be able to do so much with it by the time you’re done and you’re going to be able to just crank out products like crazy.

Now by the time you’re done with this course you’re going to understand and be able to implement all of that stuff. If I just started training and left out all the precursor stuff like this first module, you’d be lost because so much of it is understanding the market and the demographic of the people you’re targeting, rather than actually creating the product itself. Instead, I’ve broken down the learning into smaller chunks that really can be referenced later.

Now, one thing I want to mention is that it’s imperative to give your prospect or your new buyer a first success. You want them to have an aha moment immediately before or immediately after they buy your product. That hooks them and really guarantees that they won’t refund or feel buyer’s remorse. This is very – I actually just did a webinar promoting a $397 product and on the webinar I actually got two emails right after the webinar that said, “I actually got my first client within like six minutes. Before you even moved off of that slide I got my first client.” And you’d better believe that they bought the course because they had that first success, that first aha.

Now, in a previous course of mine I did it on the first lead magnet, so I said, “Without closing your browser, do this and you’ll get your first leads.” This is actually the same trick that I used on a webinar that worked really, really well.

Now, it’s important to have simple solutions and a lot of them in your product. It’s going to increase buyer satisfaction and reduce bad feelings, refunds, charge backs, if you keep your information short and actionable.

Up next we’re going to talk about brainstorming and brainstorming your product itself.