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Hey, what’s up? This is Jason Drohn and today we’re going to talk about presence and how you can build your presence online so that you first of all attract more JV partners but second of all sell more of your product, which both things are fantastic.

One thing that is encouraged but is really not required is a solid web presence. If you are going to use your name to sell digital products then you need to have a good presence online. This doesn’t necessarily extend itself to the CPA world. Basically what I mean is if you have infomercials, if you’re running CPA campaigns where the offer is paramount, then you don’t necessarily need to build up your own name. But that’s kind of the one exception.

In the digital marketing space or in the digital publishing space, you really need to do a good job of creating yourself as a brand. The content, the courses, are really just an extension of that brand.

Now, having a web presence ensures that when people get wind of your product and they Google your name, you come up as the expert, bottom line. And people will search. People will search for your name, for your company, for your product, for a product name review. People are always looking for proof and different things, especially when it comes to internet products because so many people are still new to the buying game online.

Now, another benefit is you’re going to be able to establish credibility and social proof through various web properties. That’s really key to success. Social proof is like if you have 2,000 friends on Facebook then 2,000 people are obviously your friend. Or if you have 20,000-30,000 likes on a Facebook page then people are going to say, “Yeah, this guy is a legitimate guy because so many people liked his page.”

Now, people are sometimes wary of doing business online if there isn’t a significant bonding process. So these other web presences help you reinforce your brand. So if somebody becomes familiar with you through an email from one of your affiliate partners and they go out and search your name and they see you on Facebook, LinkedIn, they see a blog, they see some YouTube videos, and you’re all kind of talking about the same thing, you tend to be a pretty cool guy or girl, then you are immediately going to be worth more than gold in that person’s mind because you walk the walk, you talk the talk, you’re a legitimate presence. It’s not just smoke and mirrors. You’re out there actually teaching people good stuff. That’s why having a presence is key.

Now your web presence, it can be comprised of a number of things but these are like the five things that I really suggest. And actually, the last one is eh. But anyway, so a blog, definitely have a blog. Have a company blog or have your own blog that you just talk on pretty regularly. Make sure you have a company website. And the website can be your parent company, it can be your product website, it can be any one of those things. And that’s actually going to be like your money site where you actually sell your product.

Make sure you have a Facebook profile or a page. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile or group. And Twitter’s kind of weird now. People aren’t necessarily on Twitter as much as they were. They’re flocking to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. But you want to make sure you have a YouTube channel. And you want to make sure you post videos to it semi-regularly just so people can get a feel of who you are and what your presence is like and stuff.

There’s an incredible bonding that happens through video. And these sorts of videos and also the videos that are like where your face is on a camera, either way because there’s the two mediums. There’s visual, there’s audio. They get to see you, they get to read their body language if you’re actually shooting a video of you. It can be you sitting at your desk. It can be you in front of a white board. It really doesn’t matter. But good video really has such a strong bonding element to it.

Now, we also use different things in the launch sequence or the sales process to reinforce our presence – your presence really. We use video. We use audio. So even just audio recordings. Webinars are really, really good for bonding because the prospect has you for like an hour, hour and a half. You can answer their questions, you can go through material and training and education and all that stuff. We’re going to talk about that in the very last module of the webinars. It’s such a strong sales tool right now.

Teleseminars work really well, although they don’t work as well as webinars. But teleseminars are still very, very good tools to use. Email auto responders are where you get somebody to sign up to your list and then everyday they get a piece of content from you. Very strong bonding that happens there.

I would have to say in my own experience that webinars actually have a stronger bonding element to them rather than email auto responders because email is just so weird. Lately people just aren’t opening email. You might get a bunch of people on your email list and only get 18% of those folks to actually open your emails, and then far less to actually click on a link in the email.

Blog content is very powerful, especially when it’s tied with video and audio. And then reports and PDFs. I like the free reports, PDFs, physical book model because you actually have that person for 40 or 50 or 90 pages where they’re actually reading your stuff. So reports and PDFs work really, really well.

Now, all of these things increase our touch points and they also allow us to interact with our prospects again and again through a variety of different mediums – audio, video, email, text messages if you do text message marketing. So rather than people always reading your emails they’re also seeing you on Facebook, they’re reading your Tweets, they’re seeing your videos on your blog and on YouTube and they’re interacting with you in many, many, many different ways so they feel like they know you.

One of the most popular dating deals, like if you read any dating books and stuff, one of the most popular things to do is when you meet a girl you move them around the bar or the bookstore or wherever you meet them so that they see different backgrounds behind you. It makes them feel like they’ve been with you for a long time. This is kind of the same thing. If you’re doing videos you can change up the backgrounds but you can also hit them a couple different ways and they feel like they’ve known you for a long time.

So can you see how powerful that is? Like I said, it’s not imperative that you have all of this set up already. It’s a bonus if you do but it’s not needed. Not to mention you’re going to be able to use these various properties – Facebook, blog, YouTube, LinkedIn – you’re going to be able to use these properties to funnel visitors and prospects to your digital product, to your money site, which is really perhaps more important.

Now, this course is more about creating and selling your digital product but I’m going to include some links to getting set up with Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and blogging resources and stuff below this video. You can think of them as added bonuses. They aren’t crucial but you’re going to want to use them sooner or later. Don’t divert your focus from your digital product as of right now, because that’s the most important thing. We need to get an offer created so that you can actually sell something.

Now, the digital product process itself is going to stem out of collecting leads and getting affiliates to mail to their list for you. Then we’ll sell your products and services to those new prospects. Your digital presence really just does nothing but add to that interaction, because more people can hear you out and see you in different places.

So up next we’re going to talk about problem seeking and basically how to format your digital products so that you’re solving a problem.