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Lesson Transcript:

Hey, this is Jason. We’re going to talk about the market now and basically what you need to know about the market and the markets you get into before you actually even step foot in that market. The reason I want to talk about this is because I don’t want you to waste time or money or effort. There’s going to be markets and ideas that you’re going to have and they’re not great for starting off on because there isn’t a market or because the market is too small or because somebody else tried it in the market and it did not work. So we’re going to be talking about all those things.

First off, your market is not who you think they are. I mean, sure, they’re overweight or stressed or broke or failing at business. But do you really know them? Do you know what their world actually looks like? Remember the goal planning exercise that we opened up with? It’s time to go through it again, this time though think about your ideal customer. Whenever I think of my ideal customer I always think about standing in the middle of Wal-Mart and looking around, just turning around in circles and looking at the public and the population that are in that Wal-Mart and picking them out and saying, “What are some features that I can describe?” Maybe it’s not Wal-Mart. Maybe it’s Target. Maybe it’s a grocery store that you have around your house, or whatever. But that’s always where I come from. I go to a place that has a lot of people and then I say, “What is my target market here?” They’re represented, I just need to find them.

Now, who are they? Man or woman? How old are they? Do they have long hair, short hair, stylish hair, disheveled hair? Do they wear nice clothes? Do they dress sloppy? What kind of shoes do they have on? What time did they leave for work in the morning? Did they have breakfast? What time did they wake up? Did they work out first thing in the morning? Do they work out? Did they check their email first thing? What kind of day do they have planned? Board meetings, taking the kids to a soccer game? What did they have for lunch? How did they spend their morning? Eating junk food? Watching sitcoms? Talking to their friends on the phone? Cleaning? Doing laundry?

What is their afternoon like? Are they doing family stuff? Are they working, are they slaving away? Are they not going to be home until 9:00 at night? Are they making dinner for their family or is it just TV dinners in front of the TV? What do they do in the evening? Help the kids with homework? Spend time talking to their spouse? These are all very telling things that you need to know moving forward about your target market that’s really going to help you cater your product and your sales copy specifically for them.

Where do they live? The suburbs, apartment, in the city? Trees? Pond? Big deck? Vaulted ceilings? What kind of car do the drive, a broken down SUV, a couple of mid-sized sedans, an Escalade, a Lamborghini? What do they drive?

My point is, you want to take a snapshot of your ideal customer’s life, frame it and then target every marketing message that you have, from now on, until the end of time, to that person. I mean, in fact, give them a name – Bob of Jeff or Jesse. It doesn’t matter. Make him or her real. Every blog post, every video, every email marketing message you need to focus it to John or Bill or Buddy.

What happens is when a person from your target market hears or reads your message they’ll feel that you’re talking directly to them. It’s so incredibly powerful. Don’t worry about what happens if someone who kind of fits your market gets your message. You’ll sell them, too. I mean, in your prospect’s mind they start to fill in all the blanks between all the information catering to them and catering to others, and they start to fabricate experiences in their mind with your message. It’s incredible.

For instance, if I want to sell a Think and Grow Rich type of product, I’d probably do something like this. “You know what that feels like, to not have enough money in the bank to afford dog food, let alone your credit card payment. What I want to do is tell you how I broke free from all that disgrace and embarrassment and broke out, making myself and my family a lot of money. I did it by…” That’s just a little snippet from a sales message.

Now, chances are you’ve had a period in your life that you needed more money to come up with a house payment or food or whatever. You might not have a dog that you need to buy food for, but you might have children. In your mind you related my dog with your children and fabricated a story around not having enough to feed your kids. And you kept reading, feeling uniquely tied to me. That’s actually pretty sneaky. I wrote that a little while ago. I’m not telling you this for any reason other than to have you experience the power of this method. I mean, it works every time brilliantly. Nail this one and it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you’ll sell it by the bucket loads.

All it takes is step on, visualizing your perfect customer. Step two, naming her or him. And step three, writing your sales message or your ad copy directly for that person.

Now, up next we’re going to talk about competition and why it is generally irrelevant.