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Lesson Transcript:

This is our goals and aspirations module and goals and aspirations is something I feel very strongly about and I think that you should, as well. Not that I’m trying to enforce my own belief on you but setting goals and putting down a good path of action or good action steps is the basis of really doing anything, especially as big as a digital product. Digital products aren’t – there are some rapid product creation methods that you can use, but they still require action steps. What happens is a lot of people get tripped up in certain areas of digital product creation, and I don’t want you to be one of them.

Through this course we’re going to be giving you everything you need to get one set up. But if you don’t have a good, solid list of goals and action steps that you need to get from the beginning to the end, then it’s going to be difficult for you to proceed. That’s really want I want to kind of lay out for you here.

Right now you have a pretty good idea about what you can provide to your buyers and your subscribers. You have a good idea of how you’re going to be able to help the market that you’re planning on helping. Now think about you for a minute. Where do you see yourself in 12 months or in a year, three years, five years? What are you doing for a living? How are you making money? What kind of house are you living in? What does your family look like? Meaning, not like physical look like but how many kids or dogs. Where are your kids going to school? What kind of clothes are you wearing? What does your street look like? When you walk out and sit on your front porch, what does your street look like? Do you live on the water or in the middle of the woods? What kind of car are you driving? Where did you just go on vacation? How’s your family living? Are you helping them out?

What does your work day look like? Do you go to an office? Do you work out of your house? Do you have a recording studio? What do you do for your audience? How big is your email list, your buyer’s list? Do you speak at conferences? Do you attend meet-ups or networking events? Really, what does your life look like? In other words, what is your ideal day? How is it structured? What time do you wake up in the morning? What do you have for breakfast? Write all that stuff down and go through the last minute or so again and plan out what your life is going to look like in a couple years. Now. Pull out a pen and paper, the one you used in the last module and take notes on this little activity below, below the ones you wrote for the last session.

Having a good set of goals, knowing what you’re looking for, is going to help you get there. Now, the goals are going to change. Bottom line is two years ago I started doing this religiously, writing down where I wanted to go, writing down what I wanted. And I was able to achieve a lot of them so far, and some of them are very lofty goals, goals that I had no idea how I was going to be able to do it then.

One thing, looking back, is that I have moved in a drastically different path than what I thought I was going to, but the goals are still being met. Not necessarily like the actual goal itself. Like one of my goals was I wanted to get a Hummer, an H2 Hummer. And we didn’t because we made the decision that we needed a Jeep instead. It’s just a better choice. It’s better on gas, it’s more environmentally friendly, the Jeep was cheaper. But, at the same time, that goal has been satisfied because basically I was filling a need with that Hummer and I did through the Jeep, so the need has been filled so I just crossed off that goal.

So goals change. Your interests change, your dislikes and likes change. So don’t let that bother you. But what you want to do is you want to write something down now. You want to write down your path of achievement. There’s really something very powerful about writing your goals down and whether you planned on it or not, your mind actually starts to map out the attainment of those goals. And I’m kind of talking in the ball park sense of the seek it and dream it and you’ll be able to achieve it, and all of that sort of stuff. But the difference is you have to actually take action. I mean, you can’t just sit in your room and start dreaming these things and then hope that they happen. It’s not going to work like that. You need to start taking action and putting yourself in the places that is required to actually make those goals happen. It starts to put the processes in place that allow you to acquire them.

So, there is really something else I want you to do. Read these goals once every day. They will be your life pretty soon. I mean, make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish by heart. Next step, we’re going to talk about something pretty extraordinary and that’s focus. It’s not sexy, but I’ll tell you what, this is the one thing that will help you achieve anything and everything you’ve wanted, especially when it comes to the internet because we’re so often chasing shiny objects.