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Lesson Transcript:

We’re going to talk about focus now, and focus is something I believe in so wholeheartedly that, I mean, when I didn’t have focus I was off doing a little bit of everything and not doing anything very well. Once I decided that I needed to focus on something I was able to pinpoint what it is I needed to do and go out and take the bull by the horns and just go nuts.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who want to do this and they want to do that and they want to do this. It’s a forever ending cycle. They’re always doing something new. Doing something new is fine, don’t get me wrong. This is probably not your first rodeo. You’ve probably tried affiliate marketing. You might have tried making some money online and then you said, “You know what? Digital products. Oh, cool. There’s other people making digital products and making lots of money so I think I’m going to try that.”

Well, give me your undivided attention and unsubscribe yourself from everybody else’s lists. Don’t look at buying anything else. Don’t look at doing anything else except this course. Focus on it. Ultimately what happens is when you’re trying to do this and that and this and that, you’re not going to be successful. Until you figure out what it is that works and you do more of it, you’re just going to have no success.

Do you know why? Because the lack of focus is the issue. If you’re only spending 20 minutes on something every day you’re not going to find results from it. I don’t care how much Get Rich Fast software you buy or how many Instant Profits courses you take, none of that stuff is going to work, ever, if you’re not focused.

I used to be that way. Like I said, two and a half years ago I was trying desperately to make something work online. I ended up building, I don’t know, 30-35 sites, all with digital products on the back side. And then I ended up not doing any of them very well. And then they all failed and I was still broke. Then I learned how to focus. I started focusing on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all I did. That’s all I did. I would stay up until 1:00 and do nothing but FCO and affiliate marketing. That led me into information products and then I launched a couple of my own information products, did ridiculously well. Then a bunch of other people started calling me and saying, “Hey, how’d you do that?”

Rather than talk to every single person, eight or ten different people a week, and teach how I’m doing digital products, I was like, “You know what? I’ll just invest the time once and build a course out. Then people can take it and then they come to me afterwards with their questions.” Which is the reason we put together DigiDiamonds.

So, like I said, I used to be that way. I used to be all over the place. Then I learned how to focus. Now, this is perhaps the most important module of the whole course because if you can focus on one thing you will find ways to get it done. Don’t discount it. I mean, it might be a boring module, and that’s okay, but it’s also the one that’s going to make you the most money. And it has nothing to do with product creation.

Now, if you don’t know who your target market is, they’re not going to either. Meaning that you’re not going to sell anything. So if you’re looking at your information product and saying, “I want to sell it to everybody. Everybody needs this product.” You’re not going to sell anything. Every investor, every person, any marketer who knows what they’re doing is going to tell you the exact same thing. There are a lot of brilliant people out there who are broke because they failed to focus.

In fact, one of my good friends, Mike Hill, actually I was just watching a video from him the other day. He was Iike, “There are millionaires and there are hundredaires. The difference between the millionaires and the hundredaires is not information. The difference is that the millionaires do one thing and do it over and over and over again. And sometimes they’re too stupid to realize that there’s other things that they could be doing, but they’re millionaires. The hundredaires try to get all the information and arrange it and they spend their entire life in pursuit of knowledge and information. They don’t actually make a dime.” A hundredaire implies that they make $100,000 or more, which is still good. It’s still good. But they’re not millionaires.

So what happens is the brilliant people who are broke have failed to focus. They’ve failed to focus their target market, they’ve failed to focus their product, they’ve failed to focus their marketing message, they don’t focus their time and they don’t focus their money making efforts. They see that something works and then they go off and chase the next, newest thing. I mean, that’s not focus. That’s just being broke.

There are 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours in a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. How much of that time are you wasting? How much of that time are you not focused on making money or relaxing, one or the other? How much busy work are you doing? And this is something that I’m always conscious of, is how much busy work am I doing and what do I need to do to do less busy work? Not busy work as in when I look at my money making activities I need to either be creating something or doing affiliate marketing. I don’t need to be communicating as in telephone calls. Although that stuff is important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very easy to get caught up in examining spreadsheets and graphs and charts and social media and all those other busy things that don’t actually help you do anything.

This is a favorite one of mine. How much time do you spend avoiding work? Like how much time do you spend doing anything except work? Which is still busy work. What are you doing that’s making you money? Bottom line. What are you doing on a day to day basis that is making you money and improving your overall life and quality of life? Where are you getting your successes? What questions are you being asked? What time are you spending relaxing? And relaxing’s a big one. Something I listened to in a course a long time ago, the course basically said that you need to either be working on profitable ventures or relaxing. There’s no in between. So doing the dishes, mowing your lawn, that’s all kind of busy work that you shouldn’t be doing. At the time I didn’t understand it but now I do, because I’ve mastered focus. I’ve mastered the idea of either making money or relaxing.

My guess is that you’re filling your time with pseudo actions or really things that look like actions, or getting things done, but they’re not. And you spend your time relaxing, thinking about doing the real things that could actually make you money. So you have this weird dichotomy of when you’re working you’re thinking about relaxing. When you’re relaxing you’re thinking about working. And that’s kind of all there is to it.

In fact, do this simple exercise four times a day. Set your calendar to send you a reminder four times at different intervals asking you a very simple question, “Is what I’m doing making me money?” If the answer is no too many times, then you need to improve your focus. If the answer is yes, then you’re right on point. And if the answer is yes then you’re going to find that your work days are actually going to start to shorten up and you’re going to be able to start relaxing more with your family, spending more time because you’re going to start making more money because you’re focusing. All of it just leads to this downhill battle where you end up having just an incredible life because what you’re focusing on during work time is work time stuff and what you’re focusing on during relaxing time is relaxing time stuff.

In the next section we are going to be talking about action steps and what you need to do to get moving.