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This first section in the intro module is going to be skills and talents. Basically, as you can imagine, a lot of what you can do online has to do with what you’re good at. What I want to do is really pull your skills and talents out of you, so I’m going to ask you some questions that I want you to be truthful about answering. Then write those answers down. In fact, grab a notebook that you just write DigiDiamonds on the outside of it. Make sure you write answers down from this section, from other sections.

We’re going to outline a lot of stuff, we’re going to draw a lot of stuff because that’s pretty much how I think. I draw a lot – flow charts, diagrams, mind maps and all that weird stuff. Because it really helps me crystallize my thoughts and I end up putting together these products and action sequences just drawing them out. They’re very easy to follow. One of the things we’re going to be talking about is mind mapping your digital product and if you use mind maps correctly they take product creation down to hours rather than months. So really, they’re the best tool ever.

Now, most people don’t give themselves enough credit. They think that their information is valuable to only them. Really, nothing could be farther from the truth. You’ve got skills, experiences and talents that other people want to hear about. The other people really want to learn. I mean, I like Brandon Brashard’s stuff a lot. He always says that even if you’re two steps ahead of the person behind you, you still have information and knowledge that could be beneficial to them in helping them get to even where you are. So you don’t necessarily need to be a guru or an expert or any of that. But if you just have a couple little tools or little tricks or strategies that will help people move forward, then you’re placed very well for making a lot of money because basically you just always stay a couple steps ahead of the person of your following, of the group behind you. You can sell them a lot of stuff.

So here’s some questions that I want you to answer. What do you do for a living? Are you in a professional services field? Maybe you’re in construction. I used to be a truck driver, a semi-truck driver. I don’t have any products in the semi-truck driving space, although I have worked with a couple people that do. What experiences do you have from a professional standpoint? Is it something that you went to school for? Did you go to like a trade school or anything like that?

That’s kind of the work side. I mean, what brings you pleasure? What do you have fun doing? Is it hobbies or airplanes or trains? All of these things have followings and they have followings online. So it’s not out of the question to develop a product for model train collectors. And then you just have to tap into that space online and start selling your product.

What is it that you really enjoy doing that other people really enjoy doing and how can you help them get to where you are or how can you help them get to a better place? What would you do if you were working for free? And this is a question that I like to ask myself, because frankly I would be doing what I’m doing right now because I just love what I do. So what is it that you love doing? If you had to go to work and not receive a paycheck, what would you enjoy doing for years and years?

What are some of the experiences you’ve lived through? So have you had a very intense trial and tribulation in your life? Have you had a particularly low point that you can kind of formulate steps to get out of? How did that look? Is there a segment of people that is experiencing the same particular low point, the same pain in their life that you can help them through? Have you had a time in your life when you were struggling? This is kind of the same thing. Was there a point where you were struggling particularly, whether it’s financially or emotionally or through a relationship. Some of the best digital products in the world come from a place of pain. So basically somebody lived through something and basically just put together a book or some action steps on how they lived through it and they now teach others.

Now, what if – what did you do to break out of that struggle? So what do people routinely ask you about? Maybe you’re really good with computers so it’s how do you de-virus or how do you run anti-viruses on a computer, how did you fix the hard drive? Or maybe you’re really good at home theater installation because you kind of put together one in your basement. What do you get asked about more often than not? What are some of the successes that you’ve had? So what have you done in your past that has really influenced where you are now? What are your goals and your aspirations? Where do you want to be in a year or five years or ten years? Do you relate to one group of people more than others? Do you consider yourself following one person? Or just kind of look at who your heroes are or who you’re following online. What do they have in common? What do you and the other followers have in common? Sometimes that’s a really good way of pinpointing where you’re going.

What kind of skills and talents do you have? If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? What would you buy? Where would you live? What would your family look like? What kind of cars would you drive? What time would you wake up in the morning? What brings you joy? So does hanging out with your kids bring you joy or going on vacations or taking pictures? Any of that sort of stuff.

How can you fit all that into how you make money? So if you’re taking pictures you could be a photographer. Or you could teach people how to take pictures. You could actually travel and sell your pictures to National Geographic or whatever. So there’s lots of different ways you can turn your passion into money and this particular course is going to show you how to turn it into money and then teach others how to do it.

Or not necessarily how to make money but how to get better at their chosen calling. I actually just got an email newsletter from Digital Photography School and I’ve been blogging long enough that Darren Rose, was from ProBlogger and then he started Digital Photography School. And he went from just being a start-up blog to now he has like 600,000 email newsletter subscribers and it started as a passion and now he blogs about it. He has an entire team of editors. He makes a God awful amount of money on the site. And it started as a passion for him. So there are ways to monetize anything.

Now, my guess is that you already have the answers to a lot of these questions. You probably have an idea for a book or a video training program that you can put together pretty quickly. You might have even put together a book or a video training program or an audio course or DVD program or whatever. And you are looking at DigiDiamonds as a way to help you sell it or package it. So maybe the marketing piece or how to put together the offer a little bit better.

All you need is a simple, strategic method of doing so, so you can sell it for lots of money. You can just sell it for lots of money. Digital products, the beauty of them – and even physical products that you mail – information sells for so many more times the cost of production it’s not even funny.

That’s what DigiDiamonds is all about. First, though, I really – we need to take care of this introductory work because it’s really going to help you out. It’s going to help position you as an expert. It’s going to help organize the way that you’ll be delivering your content, which is huge. It’s going to help you find your audience and it’s going to show you how you need to connect with your audience online. And connecting is big. You want to connect with them on a very deep level.

Now, let’s dig in a little deeper. So who do you want to work with? Do you have idols online that you want to work with? Or maybe you read a couple books and you want to get to know the authors better. I mean, all that stuff is within your reach. What do you want to teach your customers? What do you want to teach your members of your site or your followers? What kind of information can you share that you already have access to?

I know when I first got into digital products I had a treasure trove of videos and articles and failed products and all kinds of stuff that I was blogging and thought it was a good idea to put together an audio program. But then I sold like three copies because I only had like 14 visitors a day or something. It was kind of a nightmare. But once I figured all this stuff out then I was able to revisit some of those products, repackage them and then sell them again.

How are you going to make a difference in their lives? That’s a big question. How are you going to positively impact your followers so that you make a difference? And how is their existence going to be better because of you? That’s a big question. How are you going to impact what they do on a day to day level because of what you teach them?

Now, what are you going to be able to do for them? That’s the bottom line. What are you going to be able to do for your buyers? Because if you can’t answer that question, nobody’s going to buy from you. You need to improve some level of their life, whether  it’s relationship or whether it’s money or whether it’s work like a job or it’s a passive income or secondary income or how their outlook on life is going to change because of you. What are you going to do for them? That’s their primary question is when they’re reading your sales letter and looking at your product they’re thinking, “What is he going to do for me?” Can you save them time? Can you save them struggle? What tips and strategies do you have that will be beneficial to them? We’re talking like step one, step two, step three type strategies and tips.

What is the best way in presenting those strategies? If it’s a three step tutorial on how to take better photographs, can you present it on a webinar? Is it something that they’re going to be able to look at and understand or are you going to need to do a YouTube video? Are you going to need to get something professionally done and give it away as a free video for an opt-in? How are you going to present that stuff? We’re going to be talking about all this stuff as we talk about lead generation and product creation and all that.

There are a few things I’d really like to keep in mind here. You should have a true idea about what they’re going through. So you need to actually physically put yourself in that space that they are so that you can talk to them through your sales letters, through your email copy. Through every bit of content that you put out you want to talk to them with their end goal, with their emotional state in mind. You need to have a clear cut plan about how they can improve and strategies that you teach them about how to elevate their current level of existence. And you need to feel like you’re partnering with them. On their mission, not vice versa. I mean, you really need to love them like you would love a family member.

They need to be your partner through thick and thin, and that’s how you need to look at your lists, that’s how you need to look at your buyers and your members, because anything less and they’re going to run. You really need to look out for their best interests.

Now, the biggest question of all is what value can you provide. What can you do for your members that is going to improve their life? Bottom line, I mean, what do you have experience in that they need help with? What help can you give? It’s something I come back to whether it’s offline clients or whether it’s people I consult with or whatever. It’s like my biggest question is what can I do to help. When I’m looking at digital products I ask the same question. What can I do to help? What can I do to help the person who I ultimately want to buy this product?

So that’s it. I mean, if there’s one question you write down in your notepad and circle it a million times, it’s what can I do to help?

Up next we’re going to talk about goals and aspirations, and this is a particularly important module, so stay tuned.