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Welcome back!  I can’t believe how much ground we’ve covered in less than two weeks.  You’re an absolute ninja and hats off for keeping up with us so far!

We’ve got 5 days left in the website portion of the training, and then we’re going to switch gears.  We’re going after Facebook Pages (7 days) and then we’re going to talk about building an email list (7 days!).

At that point, you’ll have all the tools you need to completely crush it online!  I mean CRUSH it!  You won’t need to buy any more courses.  You might need software or coaching or access of some kind, but that’s about it!  You’ll have all the tools in your toolbox already…

Let’s get back on point.  So far in the linkbuilding section, we’ve covered two things, article marketing and social posting.  As soon as we publish a piece of content online, those are the first two things we do.  The next, we get a few authority backlinks which gives us huge bonus points in Google…

What Are Authority Backlinks?

8656-authorityIn order to understand Authority Backlinks, we need to first talk about something called Page Rank, or PR for short.

Despite all the long, analytical boring discussion on Page Rank, there really is just one thing you need to know…  The higher the Page Rank, the more ‘authority’ the website or page has in Google.

Page Rank (PR) is a number, 0 through 10.  Sites with a PR of 10 are considered the best of the best, and there aren’t many of them.  In fact, Adobe used to be a PR 10 but I see it’s dropped to a PR 9.

Most sites online are PR 0.  They don’t have much authority.

Now, the fun part.

When a PR 5 site links to you, it’s worth WAY MORE than just one link.  A PR 5 site has authority.  Google sees it as being a good site and if they took the time to link to you, it must mean you have a good site too!

Remember back when I was talking about the Free Traffic Basics, and referred to having good link diversity – this is what I was talking about.

If you build 100 links to your site, you want to make sure that 2 or 3 of them are authority links…  Links from sites that have a PR of 2 or better!  It’ll make a world of difference in how well your site is ranking online!

Finding Authority Sites

There is a very simple little plugin I use that tells me what the PR is on every site or webpage that I’m on.  It’s called SEOquake.  It’s completely free and is just a plugin for most Internet browsers.  You can also install the Google Toolbar, but SEOquake has way more functionality.


Getting Authority Backlinks

high-quality-backlinksThere are two ways of getting authority backlinks…  You can work for them or you can buy them.

Google will be the first to tell you that buying links is a bad idea, and has even gone as far as punishing sites that sell links; but it’s still done every day.  There’s really no way Google can no if a link is sold or freely given…

It used to be that linkbuilding was as simple as emailing a site owner and asking for a link…  That’s not the case anymore.  In fact, the popular thing to do was to do a ‘link swap’ where you traded links.  One for their site traded for one on yours.

Now, link swaps (or reciprocal links) are highly penalized.  Google hates them.

So, that leaves you with just a few options.

Hustling For Backlinks


One of the ways you can get authority backlinks is to do a bit of hustling.

Here are some ideas:

  • Email the owner of an authority website and tell them that you have a site/piece of content that you think will go perfectly in his article…  This works well for established list posts.  You’ll want to make sure that that page you’re trying to get on has a PR of 2 or higher.
  • Write a guest post for an authority website.  You won’t get the immediate authority backlink benefit because the post will be new, but it’ll probably pay off in the long run.  Make sure to include links back to your site in the guest post.
  • Do a good search for your desired keyword phrase, email the site owner and ask for a link on the page that comes up in the search results.  Tell them that you have a site about XYZ and their readers would love it.

Granted, these little strategies will take a bit of time to execute and some of the site owners will want money AND make you do the work for them.

It really just depends on what kind of business they’re operating.

In the make money online, Internet marketing, or business space; it’ll be hard to find backlinks without paying for them.  In almost any other niche, it’ll be easy.  In fact, a lot of people in the other niches probably don’t even know what their PR is or how much traffic they get…  They have a website just because they enjoy it!

Paying For Authority Backlinks

07-14datacenter_lgThe other option in getting Authority Backlinks is to pay for them.  There are always options like Text Link Ads where a PR 5 link is like $300 a month, or a sales rep will give you three PR 3+ links for $500 a month…

And of course, there are less expensive options :0)

The beauty of paying for Authority Backlinks is you don’t get caught up in emailing with site owners, writing guest posts, and worrying about trying to match your site up with some piece of content…

Actually, Google has had their sites set squarely on Text Link Ads for years and it’s become quite a bit less effective.  You see, TLA uses a WordPress plugin to makes sure all the links get to where they need to go, and Google has targeted that plugin in recent years.

Anyway.  About 4 years ago, we actually started building our own authority backlink network for our sites and our clients.  Our internal network was made up of:

  • SEO sites we built
  • Blogs we bought
  • Launchjack sites that were all closed up
  • Domains that had a PR that we built a site around

All with a PR of 2 or better!

Then, we used that link network to land on the first page of Google whenever we were going after a keyword phrase by doing the same thing you’re learning.

Write Content >> Publish Content >> Article Marketing >> Social Posting >> Authority Backlinks

See how that works!

I’ll be the first to admit, building a private link network is expensive.  The hosting alone is 4-figures a month thanks to all the different servers and C-Class IP’s and maintenance costs.

So what we’re doing for you is opening up a few spots on our link network that you can use for your sites.  (We can only add 5 people as we’ve got 25 already in.)

There’s a list of packages here:  Authority Link Packages
And a video you can watch: Authority Links Video


Of course, you’re more than welcome to go the manual way and find your own authority backlinks…  It’s just after years and years of doing it the long way, we decided to shorten the process and create our own authority link network!  You’re more than welcome if you want to join.

If you have any questions about it, send an email to  Tyler will get you answered :0)

More Resources

Here’s a live training we did a few months ago on the linkbuilding process, and how we do it internally:

Up Next…

Yesterday, we talked about social posting, where your content gets automatically sent out to social bookmarking, social voting and social networking sites.  It’s a very worthy method of linkbuilding and content syndication.

The one thing that Onlywire doesn’t do for you is get you MORE bookmarks!  Or MORE votes!

Tomorrow, I’m going to show you how we game the system a little bit and get Twitter retweets, Facebook Likes, Google Plus’s, and all that stuff!  All automatically.

Just set it and forget it…


In the comment box below, let me know how your linkbuilding is going?  Are you doing article marketing?  Social bookmarking?  Are you using software tools?  And if so, which ones?

We haven’t gotten many procedural questions…  Like, “I’m doing this in Submit Your Article and it’s not working.  Any thoughts?”

Use me as a resource.  Let me help you with the stuff that catches you up.  If you’re getting stumped on something, there are countless other people who are too!

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14 Responses to Day 9: How To Get Authority Backlinks

  1. jocelyn says:

    I tried using Submit Your Article. I had so many backlinks during the first few months but after google noticed that they all have duplicate contents, google started ignoring them one by one (I only availed the cheapest package in Submit Your Article). Lesson learned: try availing a package just like the ones offered here that offer article spinning so you won’t get duplicate contents and get penalized. I guess, that’s one of the best ways to do backlinking.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, article spinning is important for article marketing. I remember back when I started, it was such a pain.. Hours and hours of work in writing and pulling my hair out just to promote one site or one post.

      That’s when I found The Leading Articles and I never looked back. With one of those articles, you can do 10 or 20 SYA campaigns because they unspin to millions of variations.. Really good stuff.

      Back then, TLA didn’t have it where you could buy individual articles. It was $147/m for one article a day and I remember struggling with the decision, but in the end it freed up a content writer and I used all of those articles for SYA campaigns…


  2. Hi Jason,

    The link building strategy that you have shown is good, however I have been getting far better results by writing one strategic piece of content and getting it placed in a local online paper and then pushing social media traffic to that one piece. I’ve seen no one doing this, but it is getting me hundreds of solid leads on a daily basis.

  3. Hi Jason I just tried to order the $197 Authority Links package from this domain “” and received this error (“TRANSACTION FAILED There seems to be some problem with some of your data. Please double check and submit again.”)

    Please help?

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  6. Karl Dobbs says:


    Just watched the great video and also liked your Facebook Page. I couldn’t get the page to load. Are you still offering the service? Also, are they site wide links or are they links from an article or blog post. How does the marketing hackz campaign work?

    Also I’ve heard that Google are on the lookout for sites that only link to other sites in every article. Do you continue to publish your own content to these sites in between the backlinking you do for your clients?



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