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Yesterday, you got a lot dumped on you with the article marketing lesson.  Article marketing is HUGE for us and is a primary way we build a lot of low quality links quickly, right after an article is published.

Today, we’re going to go through something that is much more ‘automatic’ after you get it all set up…  Social posting.

How would you like one piece of software that can automatically put your content in over 50 different places, all social in nature?  Pretty magical, right?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Immediately After Publishing…

go_button_publish_nowWe’ve always found that the best time to build links is immediately after posting something online, whether it be a video or an article…

It’s top of mind and you want to make a big splash with it quickly.  After all, the first one to the top of the Google rankings is always pretty difficult to unseat, right?

So, aside from doing a round of article marketing on Submit Your Article, we use a really cheap tool called Onlywire to get our content out there to a bunch of social networks.

These social networks include:

  • The BIG sites (like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Social voting sites
  • Mini-blog sites (like Tumblr)

As soon as you post a new piece of content, Onlywire queues it up and send it to all the networks that you’ve configured!  And aside from being a great content syndication tool, it’ll get you some pretty good backlinks along the way!

Now, one thing we hear a lot is, “Do I have to use my Facebook and LinkedIn account?  I don’t want my friends/parents/family to see what I’m doing…”

The answer is absolutely not!  You can either set up brand new accounts or you can simply skip over that network and configure the ones that no one knows you’re on!

The point of social posting and social syndication isn’t for your friends to read your content…  Its to build backlinks back to your site using things that Google loves and is looking for!

NOTE: Onlywire will submit it to the networks for you, but it won’t actively get you more Likes, Shares, Retweets or Pluses…  We’ve got other tools that will do that for you :0)

Setting Up Onlywire

We’ve actually just published a big tutorial on setting up Onlywire here.  That one’s all web based…

You can also download the PDF below!


Up Next…

Tomorrow, we’re going to be talking about social marketing a little more in depth…  I’m going to show you an automated way of getting more Likes, Retweets and Pluses using a pretty cool software tool!

For today though, go ahead and set up your networks and feeds inside Onlywire!


Here’s your question for today…  What social sharing tools have you used?  Did you like them?  There are hundreds out there (or it seems like there are!).

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6 Responses to Day 8: Social Posting

  1. There are several options when it come to sharing content on social media properties, but I use Only Wire as well on many of my sites. It is a good simple but effective option. I encourage everyone to follow the steps Jason is sharing in this training. If you follow these steps you can’t help but get results.

  2. jennifer says:

    hi Jason,
    I would like to review the product getting good grades. May I have a copy of it?

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