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Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Yesterday, we had our first ‘meat and potatoes’ lesson where I showed you how to write content that Google would love, and gave you a bunch of keywords to use in your articles…

But I didn’t tell you what to do with that article once it was written :0)  There was a reason for that!  See, right now, you’re in one of three places…  And I don’t mean to freak you out, I’ve just been doing this a long time and I know this is where most folks get hung up.

  1. You’re brand new to affiliate marketing and writing content, or…
  2. You’ve been around for a little but you don’t have your own blog or website, or…
  3. You’ve got your own website that you can do whatever you want with (or are completely capable of building one on your own!).

Therein, lies the problem.  I want this course to be as complete as possible for everyone, and knowing that everyone reading is in a different place doesn’t make my job any easier…

Building a website today is super easy compared to what it used to be.  You used to have to know HTML and PHP and programming languages and all of that other stuff.  That’s no longer the case.

With WordPress, it’s really a walk in the park, especially after you’ve done it a few times…

NOTE: The old model we used to employ was to write and article and then put it in an article directory.  Because of all the Google Updates, we’ve found it is MUCH more beneficial to actually post the article to as website you control…  Not to mention, you can build links and monetize it for the long term!

So, let’s start right at the top.

If You Want To Make A Lot Of Money Online…

bank-icon-300x225In order to make a lot of money as an affiliate and be 100% in control of your own destiny, you need to have your own website.

With your own website, you can:

  • Generate leads for affiliate products
  • Publish reviews of products without having to go through some stupid editorial process
  • Put banner ads up or monetize your content through Text Link Ads
  • Build links to your articles, ensuring that they rank well in Google
  • And so much more…  Those are the big ones.

Can you do some of this stuff with free blog network sites or Youtube videos?  You bet.  But you’re future is still in the hands of someone else…

If you aren’t comfortable registering a domain name or setting WordPress up, there are free blog networks that you can create a site on, but you don’t have free reign in terms of what you can do with them…

And finally, publishing your articles in article directories.  We like article directories, but not to publish our ‘money articles.’  (Money articles = articles that make us money.)

So that’s the overall goal.  To get you fixed up with your own domain name and web hosting.  And the most rewarding way to do that is to do it yourself, so that’s where we’re going to get started.  

NOTE: If you’re really not comfortable with building your own site or can’t afford the $4/month for a web server, that’s ok.  Just move to the next section about blog networks.

Creating Your Own Website (recommended)

business-websiteThe next step after getting some content written is to post it on your website, if you have one that fits…  For instance, if you have a personal blog that contains your own musings or random articles, that’ll work.

We like to create niche websites for specific topics.  For example, weight loss, jumping higher, or going green…  There are hundreds of different articles that can be written about any one of those topics, and Google likes to see a lot of content.

How To Pick The Right Domain Name For An Affiliate Site

Now, the project for the 30-Day Challenge is promoting the Good Grades Guide.  So what I’d do is register a domain name and build a website for the keyword we’re targeting.  In other words, I use my keyword list as inspiration…

For example:

  • Best Speed Reading turns into
  • Getting Good Grades turns into
  • How To Learn For An Exam turns into

This has been a pretty popular strategy for a while, because it works.  As such, you’ll find that you might have to do some digging to find a good domain name.

I, personally, always choose the .com if it’s available.  My second choice is .org.  And third is .net.

We don’t ever use .biz or .info or any of the other extensions.  Nor, do we use hyphens in our domain names (although some people do to great success).  It’s really about finding what works for you.

An alternate method you could consider is just keeping it super general…  True, having a keyword in the domain name will give you a bump in the search rankings, but we like to create sites that have lots of content and articles…  So sometimes, you need to register something like:


That’ll make sure that you always have a place to publish your education articles without feeling like you have to create a new site because your article doesn’t ‘fit.’

How To Build Your Niche Blog

Buy-niche-blogs4Building your own website is way easier now than it ever has been.  Because WordPress is so widely adopted and has such a fan following, it’s really revolutionized the game in terms of personal publishing.

This is actually best taught through videos or a step-by-step screenshot tutorial because you’ll have to go through multiple screens.

Here are some training resources we created for you:

After your website is set up, you’re ready to post your article!  There’s training for that in the Affiliate 101 Course too, right on that same page…

Now, if you’re not familiar building your own website, then you can start one on a free blog network.  We’ll talk about that next.

Building A Website On A Blog Network (optional)

web20If you don’t have a website and you’re really not interested in creating one, the next best thing is to do is set up one on a free blog network.

Even though you don’t own the domain name or the server that the website sits on, there are still quite a few advantages over just posting your article in an article directory.


  • It’s free!  You don’t have to pay for domain registration or website hosting.
  • They’re easy to set up…  Fill out a couple short forms and you’re done.  It’s about as hard as messing around on Facebook.
  • Someone else takes care of making sure that your site is live…  Not you.


  • You can only use approved plugins and themes, which greatly limits what you can do with your site…
  • You’re at the mercy of someone else.  Your site could get blacklisted or turned off or whatever.
  • You can’t put banner ads or text links wherever you want.  You’re playing by someone else’s rules.

In short, a free blog is great for someone getting started, but isn’t an end solution.  Eventually, you’ll want to move your site to your own domain…  And even then, will Google find it?

Now that we’ve talked about pluses and minuses, let’s find out where to set a free website up…

Where To Create A Free Blog

There are really only two places we’d suggest.  They’re places we’ve worked with in the past (for linkbuilding reasons rather than building something we were monetizing…)

  1. – highly recommended
  2. – also good

Both blog networks are pretty simple to get started with.  Once your site is set up, publish your article.  We’ll pick up there tomorrow!


Publishing Your Articles On Article Directories (optional)

Article-MarketingIf you don’t want your own website and you get confused with the blog networks, the last option is a simple one…  To publish your article to an article directory!

Article marketing STILL works.  It works like gangbusters.  You can publish and article on EzineArticles, rank it, and make money from it for a long time…  If you do it right.

Things have changed a little bit in the last year or so.  Article directories aren’t given the Google points like they used to.  It used to be that if you published an article to an article directory, you would be at least Page 2 or 3 of Google in a few days.  That’s not the case anymore.

Now, the search results are dominated by websites that feature multiple articles on the topic you’re righting about because people have been spamming articles out there for years, and Google finally wised up!  That’s why we recommend building a website.

Not to worry though.  If article marketing is all you have time for, or all you can do…  That’s totally fine!  We’ll show you exactly how to nail it out of the park (hint: It involves backlinks!)

Ok.  The first thing you need is an article.  You’ve got that.

Now, we need to find a place to publish it.

Here are our top picks for article directories:

Each have a slightly different process for posting articles, and different editorial approval times.  We’ve always had the most success with EzineArticles in terms of getting ranked.

After your article is published, then, it’s time to move on to tomorrow’s lesson!

Up Next…

Tomorrow, I’m going to take it easy on you…  Yesterday and today’s lesson’s were HUGE!  Plus, I’m sure you’re going to have questions we can answer down in the comment box.

So tomorrow, we’re going to get into themes and plugins that you should be using on your WordPress sites…  For those of you who have sites set up, awesome!  If you don’t, no worries.  You can use it as reference later!


Today was HUGE.  It’s the absolute biggest module that we’ll have during this entire 30-day Challenge, but it really had to all be presented on the same day.  There wasn’t really another way to do it.

So, tell me.  What do you think?  What do you need help with?  Do you have a website (or did you build one)?  If so, list the URL so we can all check it out!

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19 Responses to Day 4: Publish Your Stuff

  1. Chad says:

    Hey Jason,
    i really like your approach to things. I like the idea of having a more generalized domain name in order to really push your content but how general can you go?
    Do you think you could promote the Good Grades guide on a “review type site”, say, that does all sorts of reviews on a wide variety of stuff?
    I’ve been in the whole affliate thing for a few years now with poor to marginal success in sales so I am really hoping this will get things kick started in the right direction for me.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Chad! Thank you!

      I like more generalized domains anymore. You don’t get the ‘exact match domain’ bonus for the keyword, but that’s nothing a little linkbuilding can’t solve.

      Absolutely. Promoting Good Grades Guide on a review site will work well. We’ve found that the best long term affiliate commissions come by picking solid keyword phrases that people search for month after month, like ‘how to pass a chemistry test’ or something like that though.

      As for the poor to moderate success, I’m happy you found us! We should get you jumpstarted in no time. Just keep commenting and working on your stuff and we’ll help get you there!


  2. I started this website this past summer when I was laid off from work. I wrote some articles and started obtaining backlinks. However, I haven’t touched it since. Not sure if I am on the right track, and where to go from here. Thanks for any guidance.


    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hey Mike! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the website? I’ll take a look at it and post my findings in the comments here.

      To be honest, we’ve had the best luck with slightly older, forgotten sites. They’ve got some age in Google, and as long as nothing shady has been done to them, they’re awesome for ranking content!

      MarketingHackz was that way for us. We worked on it for about a year, let it sit a year, and then picked it back up and it was our biggest affiliate site for a long time.

      • Sorry Jason, the website is And to be honest, I’ve been studying online marketing for about 7 yrs now, and haven’t made much of anything. It would be really great if something positive out of this. Thanks for the pep talk. :)

        • Jason Drohn says:

          Hey! I just checked out your site. The content looks good. Keyword density is good. Your keywords look good. The one BIG problem is that you don’t have any links coming to the site.

          For instance, the post about ‘getting rid of your double chin,’ has no back links built to it. In Google’s eyes, it’s just another article that doesn’t matter. That’s the biggest problem. Build some links and that site will come alive for you.

          And, that’s what we’re going to start talking about on Day 6!

  3. jennifer says:

    hi there. I have a site called We offer tips and solutions to working mothers around parenting and working. I think you good grades guide could work as a first affiliate program, but wasn’t sure if the website was too general?

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      That’s a great website you have there! I think it’s work great for the Good Grades Guide, as well as other product reviews that mom’s would be into..

      Physical products on Amazon would work well too.


  4. Marc says:

    If I am going with EMD’s and I used hostgator, should I use a baby hatchling plan where you get single domain or baby domain which has unlimited domains and I can build a bunch of niche websites? I am assuming the first one though so if your site gets google slapped you won’t bring them all down in one shot. what is your thought on this? Also what hosting company do you recommend? I choose hostgator based on what a lot of affiliates seem to use, their reliable up time and seamless integration with wordpress.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Marc!

      I’d definitely get the one with unlimited domains so you can set up as many websites on the hosting plan as you want. Especially with EMD’s, you’re going to need a lot of server room that doesn’t have the limitation of only being able to set up a single domain.

      Hostgator is a good one, and simple to set up. It’ll work for sites up to probably 3000 – 5000 visitors a month. Anything over that, I’d move to MediaTemple’s Grid Server which is $20/month but I’ve never had any problems with them.

      And then if a site blows up for you, you’ll need a dedicated server (also through MediaTemple) which starts at $50/month.

      Hostgator is a perfect place to start though!


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  6. puja says:

    I have this blog listing the online stores for indian gifts, but they dont have affiliate programmes, how can i monetize this blog besides adsense..have only 200 visitors per month right now, havent touched it for quite some time. do i forget it or is there a way to rev it up?
    thanks so much for your patience and help

    • Chris says:

      Hi Puja,
      I’m not an expert or anything but my first thought after reading your comment was why not put an opt-in form on your site, then supply the list of online stores for Indian gifts as a Free reward for them opting in? Then you can email them with related stuff you are an affiliate for..
      Of course, take the list off your site as well…
      Hope that was useful?

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Puja! I’d really try to find an affiliate program for them. Amazon might work. You might also be able to find something in or Most of the time, if a website/ecommerce site offers and affiliate program, it’ll be listed in the bottom of their website.

      You can also try to search Google for ‘indian gift affiliate’ or ‘indian gift partner’ as some vendors call their affiliates partners.

  7. Robert says:

    Jason, hi. You mentioned to find a domain name that matches your keyword phrase. However, I thought I heard somewhere that “exact match domains” are not something Google likes. I have read that in the past Google has actually penalized these types of domains. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks, Rob

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