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Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

First of all, thank you so much for going on this little affiliate journey with me!

As we come to a close of the 30-Day Challenge, (ok, well 45 or so days) it’s important to realize just how far you’ve come.

For some, you knew about affiliate marketing but didn’t know what to do.  For others, you were making a few bucks and started killing it online.

No matter where you started, know this: You’ve come a long way!

Over the last 30-days worth of training, you’ve learned about affiliate websites, Facebook marketing, email marketing and launchjacking.  Now, some of that stuff doesn’t make sense now but it will soon enough.

Just know that the training will always be available here, and you can come back at any time!

So, let’s recap…

30-Day Challenge Training

Affiliate Website Training

Day 1: What is affiliate marketing?
Day 2: Find a product to promote
Day 3: Writing Content Google Loves
Day 4: Publishing Your Stuff!
Day 5: Money Making Site Tweaks
Day 6: Free Traffic Basics
Day 7: Building Links With Articles
Day 8: Social Posting And Content Syndication
Day 9: How To Get Authority Backlinks
Day 10: Social SEO How-To
Day 11: Linkbuilding With Press Releases
Day 12: Not So Advanced Linkbuilding Strategies
Day 13: How To Track Your Keyword Rankings
Day 14: Monitoring Your Traffic
BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Website Workshop Replay Video

Affiliate Facebook Training

Day 15: Picking A Solid Niche For Your Facebook Page
Day 16: Getting Products And Affiliate Links
Day 17: How To Create A Facebook Page!
Day 18: Priming Your Facebook Page For Monetization
Day 19: How To Get Your First Page Likes
Day 20: How Often To Update Your FB Page
Day 21: How To Get More Likes On Facebook!
BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Facebook And Paid Traffic Workshop Replay Video

Email Marketing

Day 22: Jumpstarting Your Email Marketing
Day 23: Setting Up Your Landing Page
Day 24: How To Manage Your List Properly
Day 25: How To Write Email Copy
Day 26: Creating Killer Lead Magnets
Day 27: Blowing Up Your List
Day 28: Split Testing For Higher Conversions


Day 29: Launchjacking How-To

Final Thoughts

Day 30: Final Thoughts & Closing

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3 Responses to Day 30: Final Thoughts

  1. Wilmoth says:

    Thank you so much and I will continue to come here to get it right and finished. Look so forward to this being like second nature to me so I can enjoy it even more.

  2. Iliyan Tsonev says:

    Thank you Jason Drohn :)

  3. Siti Fatimah Hussin says:

    Dear Jason. I have’t start anything yet.but i keep ur tutorial for future when i am ready. Thank you so much for your sharing n we will be in touch.

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