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Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Welcome to Day 3 of the 30-Day Challenge!  Today, we’re going to talk about content and content marketing.  Namely, we’ll be taking the first steps to getting your stuff ranked in Google so you can get all the free traffic you can handle…

You’re also going to want to make sure you’re signed up for our free Affiliate Marketing 101 Course, because we’ll be referencing some of the videos here too…

The first step in the process is keyword research, so let’s start there.

Find Bangin’ Keywords

keyword-targetingYou’re going to hear me talk about keywords time and time again, because everything we do as affiliates really does come down to one question, “What are people searching for online?”

The most important thing to keep in mind really is to ALWAYS do your research before you write ANYTHING!  Content has a long life expectancy online.  A well written article is the difference between making a lot of money for a long time, and no money…

Inside the Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (sign up here!) we show you how to find your own keywords with a piece of software called Market Samurai.  Make sure you watch those videos and get a good understanding because you can use them in any niche you want.

The key is to find high traffic, low competition keywords that you can rank for easily in Google.  Then, to rank as high as possible by building backlinks, ensuring that you have a steady stream of traffic for years to come…

And since this is a 30-Day Challenge, and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to do this, I took the liberty of doing some keyword research for you!

Here’s a BIG list of keywords you can use to promote Good Grades Guide.  Once you pick one, scroll down to the next section.

acs organic chemistry study guide
active reading strategies
best speed reading
best way to study Richard Biondi
better grades
effective study habits
effective study skills
fast reading technique
faster reading skills
get better grades
getting good grades
good grades in college
good places to study
good study habits
good study techniques
good study tips
how can i get a better memory
how do you study for exams
how to best study for exams
how to get better grades
how to increase the reading speed
how to learn for an exam
how to speed reading techniques
how to study
how to study for exams tips
how to study for the exams
how to study in exams
improve grades
improve study habits
improve test scores
improving reading
improving reading comprehension
improving reading skills
improving your reading
increase your reading comprehension
learn study techniques
learn to speed read
math study skills
quickest way to learn
reading and study skills
reading comprehension tips
reading improvement
reading skills and techniques
reading skills techniques
reading tutor
speed and comprehension
speed reader
speed reading training courses
strategies to improve reading
study habits
study skills
study skills and methods
study skills class
study skills for college students
study skills in reading
study skills lesson
study skills lesson plans
study skills lessons
study skills strategies
study tips for college students
teach me how to study
teaching study skills
techniques of reading skills
techniques of speed reading
test anxiety tips
tips how to study for exams
tips on how to study for exams
how to memorize
homework help
math tutor
math tutoring
algebra help
brain training
memory improvement
calculus help
math help online
math tutor online
reading tutor
academic tutoring

home tutoring
visual memory
college tutoring
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school tutoring
writing tutor
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type to learn 3
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chemistry tutor online
history tutors
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organic chemistry tutor
organic chemistry tutors
study skills worksheets
adult tutoring
algebra 2 tutor
algebra 2 tutoring
calculus tutor online
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improve memory and concentration
improving short term memory
latin tutor
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memory enhancers
remedial classes in college
study skills assessment
techniques to improve memory
tips for middle school students
tutoring sacramento
algebra 1 tutor
boost your memory
improving working memory
student tips for studying
subliminal learning
supplements to improve memory
vitamins to improve memory

Now that you’ve picked a keyword phrase, it’s time to write an article!

Writing Content For Your Keyword

Image of female hands on the keys typing documentsWhen writing an article that you want Google to love, you need to make sure to use your keyword phrase, the one you picked in the previous section, pretty generously…

In fact, here’s a little checklist for what you need to do!  We give it to all of our writers when they first start writing for us.

How To Write SEO Content

The idea is that these articles are keyword specific, have high keyword density, and have the keyword phrase sprinkled throughout the whole article.

In all cases, your primary keyword, is the keyword phrase that you’re optimizing your article for.

(NOTE: This process can also be used when having other people write your content for you, on or

Article Titles

The title of the article should start with your keyword phrase, followed by a hyphen, and then have some kind of descriptive phrase as to what’s in the article.

For example:

  • Email Marketing Software – What You Need To Know
  • Lose Weight Fast – How To Eat Healthy
  • Creatine Loading – How To Take Creatine Correctly

Article Content

  • Content articles should be 700 – 1000 words, with the keyword phrase in the article 12-16 times, including:
    • In the first sentence of the article
    • In the last sentence of the article
    • 10 – 14 times in the body of the article
  • Include affiliate links wherever relevant.  It’s how you make money!
  • Articles should have a relevant image added to the post content, where:
    • The image is renamed to match the keyword (example, keyword-phrase-here.jpg
    • The alt tags of the image are the keyword phrase
    • The caption under the photo should be the keyword phrase.
  • The last line of the article should redirect the reader to a resource (read: affiliate product) you want them to go to next.  For example, “For more information on Getting Good Grades, check out the Good Grades Guide.

Now, What To Do With Your Article?

Now that you’ve got an article all written, it’s time to publish it online!  After all, how else is Google going to find it and send you load of free traffic?!

Tomorrow, we’re going to get into what to do with your article, so that Google will find it online.  You’ve worked plenty hard enough for today though.  Good job!  And if you haven’t written an article yet, go do it!

Being a highly successful affiliate means that you’ll be creating a lot of content.  This won’t be the only article you write!  I’m going to teach you about outsourcing content in a later section, but it’s important to understand the process before you expect someone else to do it for you!


In the comment box below, let us know which keyword you chose and why…  It might be a simple reason like ‘I think I’ve got some study tips that others might enjoy,” or “I had a terrible time with my SATs and this is how I got through it…”

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32 Responses to Day 3: Writing Keyword Content

  1. WA Marketing says:

    The only decent articles that are real quality cost about $5 per 100 words. So Jason just wondering if this is about the norm….or do you find that you can get good articles for much less investment?

    <a href=""EasyStreetMarketing&quot;
    I also only use writers that can research and write LSI articles…

    Yes I agree that your articles need to be close to 1000 words; because if they are written it will rank for many more KW….

    Waiting for tomorrow to find out your recommendations for where to publish the article…

  2. Bill McKean says:

    Not sure if this in in tomorrows lesson, but I didn’t catch where to place the article? Ezine? Streetarticles?Goarticels? Etc… Sorry if jumping the gun, just being excited about your lessons. Thanks!!!

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Bill! Thanks for commenting!

      Yep, it’s in tomorrow’s (or today’s lesson) once I get it published :0)

      You’ve got the right idea though! We’re going to do a little article marketing on sites like Ezine or StreetArticles, and we’re also going to talk about setting up your own site or a site…



  3. arnold says:

    Hi jason,

    I would choose the keyword “How to get better grades”. It seems it’s one of the most commonly searched phrase. I’ll start writing content on this keyword, I’m just searching now where to find articles related to this keyword so I could get some ideas to write. Thanks.


    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Arnold! Excellent pick!

      I like to go and troll around or do a quick Google search and see what others have written about.

      Generally, when we outsource articles, we’ll do all the research work for the writer so there’s a better chance of us getting what we want!


  4. Kevin Pirnie says:

    Hey Jason,\
    I have used your keyword researchc methods very effectively many times. Also, is a resource I use frequently for good articles at a good price.

    I have a free ebook if anyone is interested in some easy free social media traffic methods, Hope you don’t mind me offering here, but know it will hep meny get traffic and help with SEO.

    I love affiliate marketing as it is fun and if done right it is great passive income. You are helping a lot of folks out Jason that are new to this, and that is cool. I’m happy to help also if anyone needs it and if it is okay with Jason.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Kevin! Thank you! And of course it’s alright with me!

      Once we get to the social part, towards the middle of the 30-Day Challenge, I’ll make sure to put your ebook in the post for folks to download!

      And is a fantastic resource, for sure! I can’t say we use them as much as Elance, but we’ve gotten good results from writers there a number of times.


  5. Joshua says:

    I cannot find the register page for your 101 course. Where is the register link?

  6. Joshua says:

    Also when I go here: I get an Apache error.

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  8. Ralph says:

    In this day and age of KW Over Optimization (in Google’s eyes) is roughly 2% or slightly less a good rule of thumb for KW density? Do you also recommend putting LSI KWs? If so are those include in the 12-16 KW per article or in addition to? if in addition, how many LSI KWs would you recommend per 1000 word article on top of the 12-16 appearance of the original KW phrase


    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Ralph!

      Truthfully, I always post articles that are considered ‘over-optimized’ in Google’s eyes and we’ve never been hurt by it. We usually go for 2% to 4% on both review posts and keyword loaded content.

      Yes, LSI keywords are also supremely important. Generally, in a 1000 word article, we’ll try to include at least 2 or 3 LSI keywords, sometimes even in the title itself.

      Hope that helps!


      • Jimbo says:

        Ok, I am playing “catch-up” here… I must have missed something. What does LSI mean? And, how and where is it used. Thanks….

        • Jimbo says:

          Opps… I thought the picture would be put next to my name, like the rest. How do I do that? Thanks…

          • Jason Drohn says:

            Awesome picture!

            I think you have to set up your picture through That’s how I did a few years ago anyway!

            LSI means ‘latent semantic indexing’ and just basically means keywords like the one your optimizing for.

            So, if you’re main keyword that you’re trying to rank for is ‘get better grades,’ LSI keywords would be:

            – get better test scores
            – SAT test prep
            – how to pass an exam

            The best places to look them up is Google’s Keyword Planner tool:

            Google Keyword Planner

  9. Chad says:

    Hey Jason,
    I’m a little behind on things, funny how that happens when your a stay at home dad, but going through your keyword research video from the link above I find I am a little confused.
    For example when I take the keyword “getting good grades”, market samurai tells me the SEOT is 2. From what I took out of the video, this would not qualify has a good keyword.
    Any clarification would be awesome!
    Thanks again for all your awesome stuff.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Chad!

      This list was actually pulled from a variety of sources, Market Samurai included. If one of the keywords doesn’t hit the criteria that you want, you can just move on to the next :0)


  10. jennifer says:

    HI Jason,
    I am interested in possibly working with you for 1:1 consulting, and I have signed up twice, but have not gotten a call. Is there a way to reach you?

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  12. Kim says:

    Hi Jason,
    I am working on the Good Grades Guide marketing and wanted to buy it so that I could write intelligently about it, but I want to make sure I get the right one. I have signed on to clickbank and am finding 2 different listings. The first one takes me to a page for Good Grades Academy and the second one takes me to a page with a video (I am guessing it is your youtube video that I found), but the video won’t load and there is no purchase link. Does the Good Grades Academy site link work for your ebook?

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