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Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Today is the last lesson in the 30-day challenge, and it’s a big one!

Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of launchjacking…

Launchjacking is quite simple really – you find a product that’s about to launch online, whether it be a physical product, like the Xbox One, or a digital product, like something found on, and rank for the following search terms:

  • Product Name
  • Product Name Review

In addition, if it’s an Internet marketing product, you can also try to rank for:

  • Product Name Bonus

What happens is, as thousands of people hear about the product and consider buying it, the majority of people will search for a review online BEFORE they actually go about purchasing it.

So, if they land on one of our review sites, read our review, and then click the link in our review to go buy it…  We get commission!

Let’s get started on the step-by-step…

How To Build A LaunchJack Site

This short procedure will explain exactly how to find and launchjack successful affiliate offers, so you get ranked, get traffic and get affiliate sales…

Step 1: Find A Product To Promote

Find a product to promote that is either really popular or just launching.  You can find these products by:

Step 2: Register An Exact Match Domain

Go to Godaddy or Namecheap and pick up an exact match domain, like the following (where ‘ProductName’ is your actual product name, and *** is .com, .org, or .net ­ in that order):

  • ProductNameReview.***
  • ProductNameReviews.***
  • ProductNameReviewed.***
  • ProductNameReviewer.***

For more information on registering the right domain name, read this tutorial.

Step 3: Build A WordPress Website

Get hosting at either  HostgatorBluehost or  MediaTemple and install  WordPress.

For exactly how to do that, please visit this tutorial on setting up a website or this how-to on setting up an affiliate site.

Step 4: Write A Product Review

Follow the procedure in this document to write a proper product review.  Make sure to make it ‘sticky’ in WordPress so it stays at the top of your site.

Step 5: Start Building Links

As soon as your review post is published, start building links by following the following procedures:

Linkbuilding is absolutely the most crucial piece of the puzzle.  The reality is, you’ve probably only got a week or two to beat out everyone else, so build links as fast as possible, from as many quaility sources as possible.

If you have access to a link network or high PR backlinks, use them here to balance out your lower PR links through social backlinking and article marketing.

Step 6: Write 4 More Articles

Add 4 more articles optimized for the same ‘Product Name Review’ keyword phrase you are launchjacking.  Follow  this tutorial for content articles.

Then, publish them 2 days apart leading up to the launch, and make sure they appear BELOW your review post.

Step 7: Tracking Your Traffic And Rankings

Now, all you have to do is track your traffic and your rankings. If you need a boost in the search engines, BUILD MORE LINKS!

Here are tutorials on traffic tracking and rank tracking.

Launchjacking Notes

We’ve done HUNDREDS of launchjack sites over the years, and have made a LOT of money doing it.  It’s up to you whether you want to dive in or not.

There are a few things you should know though…

  • Especially in the Internet marketing and Make Money Online space, you’re competing with the best of the best, in the world!  Big commissions bring out the big dogs (including myself!).  Don’t think ranking #1 for a product review of a $2000 product is going to be easy.  It’s not HARD, but will require some concerted effort.
  • These sites will make money every time there is a product launch for the product…  Every time the vendor does a product launch, you’ll make cash.  Just know that bigger products only relaunch a few times a year, if ever.  So, just think of a relaunch as a bonus…
  • You can build lists with these sites after the launch is over, because the product is still getting some type-in searches.  Just follow the email marketing tutorials

And finally, a disclaimer if you will.  I still do launchjack sites, just like I still build affiliate sites.  That’s how I can break it down step by step for you!

If one of my sites is ranking above yours, beat the ranking!  Don’t send me an email complaining that I should bow out because I taught you the method. :0)


Tell us, have you ever built a launchjack site?  What were your results?  Where did you get hung up?

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6 Responses to Day 29: Launchjacking

  1. john says:

    Jason I look forward to your information like a locked up prisoner of war waiting for his girl to send a letter. haha That being said I am one of the Millions of people who have never made a dime on the internet what stuck me with you ? You’re easy reading and you have given me hope again. I tried AdSense and it made no sense. I am a real estate broker by trade but when the recession hit I
    not only lost money but my hearing as well Sudden hearing loss. I searched for a product or service and had given up till I met you. I didn’t get the beginning of the course and hopefully you will do it again. I have a registered name ,Preferred Business Loans .I just have to steer potential cuscustomers to my site then refer them to the Company they handle it from there. Co. has a 95% approval rate and Co. has to have 1 year in business, No credit check, Loan based on cash flow of
    business. 100 % of banks would turn down a loan like this but we can help them. process time usually 2 days . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated trying to make money in the Deaf world J
    John Rider

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi John! Thank you for your kind words!

      What I’d do is do keyword research on ‘bad credit loans’ or ‘no credit loans,’ build a site that ranks for those types of keywords, and then collect leads on the site (or promote the loan offer you were talking about).

      You’ll find everything you need in the tutorials on this page:

      Step 1: Do keyword research
      Step 2: Build a website that ranks for the keywords you find
      Step 3: Link to the loan offer

      That should get you started!

      — jason

  2. Rene Miller says:

    I must admit that you are one of the three entrepreneurs that I follow online. I set up a folder just for your email and lessons that I receive every week; so that when the day comes I can jump on to your lessons and hit them one by one. Right at the moment I am working on blogging and I do believe in multiple streams of income. My problem yet, like the guy before me, is that I have only made about $15 in my first year and a half. I think that the internet world out here is just too confusing to so many of us that we keep jumping from one to another and what has to happen is that you have to pick one person; follow him; do everything that he does. Once you get that first one down, even if you aren’t making money yet, move on to the 2nd person that you have been following. It’s going to happen you just have to keep plugging away and each day you learn something new. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR FREE HELP JASON!

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Thank you Rene! That means a lot to me! And you’re welcome!

      You’ll get this :0) Just know that if you can solve someone’s problem online, especially through an affiliate product, you can make money!

      — jason

  3. Rick says:

    I have really enjoyed these lessons. They are clear, concise and full of actionable information. I’ll be referring back to these topics as I implement the strategies you taught. Many thanks for paying it forward.

    I referred a friend to levelingupacademy. This is the best set of instructions on internet marketing I’ve seen in the last 2 years and the only one I’ve recommended!

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Thank you Rick! I appreciate it!

      I’m actually going to be working on the navigation and site structure here in the next week or so to make it simpler to access information :0)

      And again, thank you!

      — jason

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