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Today, we’re going to talk about traffic…  Traffic that you can send to your landing page and build your list with!

For the first two years I was in Internet marketing, I tried to build lists with an optin box in the sidebar and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working despite getting hundreds and thousands of visitors a day.

As it turns out, people didn’t want to just sign up for a list and not KNOW what they’d be receiving in their email!

It wasn’t until I started using lead magnets that I started getting REAL optins!  

Then, once I started putting together campaigns where traffic was being sent to a landing page, that’s when my lists really started blowing up!  What we’ll talk about in the rest of this lesson is how to do just that…  Real campaigns.  Real traffic.  Real list building.

List Building Campaigns

fb-thumbRight now you’ve got a website set up that’s collecting leads, or has the ability to collect leads. You’ve got your auto responder dialed in to send out an email every X number of days – either a bonding message or promoting affiliate offers.

Now you need traffic.

There are tons of ways to get traffic, but it really depends on whether you want to pay money for that traffic or not.  Keep in mind, all traffic has a cost.  You’re either using money or time for your traffic.  It isn’t free!

Let’s talk about the traffic sources I like for list building…

SEO Traffic

Free-Traffic-WebsiteSEO traffic is all the traffic that your website(s) get on a daily basis.  If you optimize your pages and build links, you’ll be getting traffic day in and day out.  It’s up to you to collect those leads!

Here’s some of the ways we like to build lists with free traffic:

  • Use Popup Domination to create a beautiful landing page on every page of your site (this is REALLY effective, and the best way to capture leads from SEO traffic)
  • Put a ‘bar’ at the top of every page on your website getting email leads with OptinBar (really cool technology!)
  • Add an email collection box in the sidebar of your site, either with the form code that your marketing software gives you or with a plugin like Optin Skin.
  • Add a ‘sign up for more’ box at the bottom of your articles, also with Optin Skin.

You can still do SEO like you have been, your list is just building in the background!

Solo Ads

How-to-Do-Solo-Ads-the-Right-Way3‘Solo ads’ are pretty easy to understand.  You pay somebody to email their list for you.  You give them your copy and your landing page link, and they mail it!  

It’s a really awesome way of getting email traffic to build your list quickly, so you can test out your landing page and keep all the leads for yourself!  You don’t need to share affiliate commission.  Solo ads are also awesome for testing out your own offers.

With solo ads, you will primarily be concerned with how many clicks you’ll be getting.  In fact, that’s how a lot of people sell solo ads.  They’ll tell you that you’ll be getting X,XXX clicks for $YYY.

Usually, solo ads cost between 25 cents or 50 cents per click, but that’s not necessarily always the case.  Emailed lists filled with buyers are more expensive.

When affiliates mail your offer, they’re agreeing to be paid per sale.  It might end up better or worse for you, depending on how well your offer converts.  If your offer converts well, you’ll spend more by paying the affiliate their commission.  If it doesn’t convert, you’ll spend more in buying a solo ad from them.

If you are mailing to 5,000 people, you might spend $800 to $1000 on that solo ad. If you sell 10 products at $100 a pop to those 5,000 people, you’re breaking even and have a huge list to keep mailing to!

Get it?

I love solo ads. It’s how I built quite a bit of my list when I got started. I had a digital product and just used the proceeds of that product to buy more solo ads. I started with a $200 solo ad.  The money that I made from that, I reinvested into a $500 solo ad.  And so on!

Some of the places I like for solo ads are:

  • Directory of Ezines – ezines are basically online magazines.  This site will give you contact info for the list owners so you can organize solo ads.
  • DotComSecrets X – this course has an entire in-depth section on solo ads (it’s rare to find training on it…)
  • Warrior Forum – you can find people selling smaller solo ads in the JV section of the Warrior Forum sometimes.  Some of them are kind of shady though.
  • NextMark – Nextmark is a broker for lists.  When you step up into the big leagues, and are comfortable paying $1K to $10K for a solo ad, Nextmark is one of your options.
  • Alltop – A collection of influential blogs in almost every list.  Email the blogger and see if they want to do a solo ad!

With solo ads, there is some risk involved.  You are paying money through Paypal usually for the solo ad, and I’ve been stiffed a few times.  It’s the cost of doing business.

Ad Swaps

Reciprocal-linksAd swaps are similar to solo ads, but there isn’t an upfront cost to the mailing.  Rather, you mail your list for them, and they mail their list for you.

This might sound like a great idea, but keep in mind that your list loves you!  If you mail them shit, they’ll notice.  I did a few ad swaps way back when, and totally stopped doing them because I didn’t approve of most of them!

The other reason I don’t like ad swaps much is because it just dilutes my list. I’d rather just pay for the spots. So if I can spend $200 and get somebody to mail to their list of 50,000 people, getting 1,000 clicks, that’s a good return.

Here are some places to find Ad Swaps:

  • Safe Swaps – a good portal to find ad swaps with other list owners, complete with scheduling calendar and everything.
  • Warrior Forum – you can find ad swaps on Warrior Forum, also in the JV section
  • Friends – oftentimes, as you make friends in the IM industry, you can do private ad swaps with them

Guest Blogging

blogging-guest-bloggers-welcomeAnother great way of list building on the cheap is writing content for popular bloggers.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Find a site in the niche you’re in
  2. Email the blogger or the editor asking if they take guest posts
  3. Write something about your topic and include a link to your squeeze page in your bio. Generally the bloggers publish your bio right after the blog post, or include it in the article somewhere.
  4. Watch traffic come in!

Ideally, you want to do this for bloggers who have social media exposure or their own list.  Sometimes, they’ll mail their list, telling them about your content!  That’s a nice little bonus!

Don’t count on thousands of leads though…  Generally, even with guest posts, only a few people will click through to see who wrote the piece.  You will, however, get traffic for a very long time!

Probably the biggest benefit here is you start a relationship with that blogger. Be cool. Give them a couple piece of content. Make their job easier and they’re going to love you.

Running Webinars

webinarWebinars were pretty much my biggest list builder up until last year (when I was selling stuff!).

Do a good webinar and you can get 1,000 new leads for your list, but you need to have something you’re selling, that way you can get affiliates for it.

You can run webinars with great information and social media traffic if you want, but your results will be lackluster at first.  Do a good webinar and see if folks will share it on Facebook. You’re not going to get 1,000 subscribers but maybe 100 so!  You can also use that webinar as content for your blog, your products, etc.

What you’ll need to run a webinar:

  • GoToWebinar – the industry standard in webinar software
  • Google Hangouts – good for instant upload to Youtube if you want to show your face :0)

(We’ll be publishing a webinar course here in the near future!)

Paid Traffic

Traffic-Generation-Day-Five-Paid-Traffic-300x300Lastly, let’s talk about paid traffic.  Paid traffic is really the best way to scale your listbuilding efforts but you need front end cash or an ad budget obviously!

Solo ads are considered paid traffic because you pay for it, but it’s handled on a one-to-one basis so it’s easy to track…  That’s why I love them at first!  These other forms are bigger, both in terms of ad spend, risk and of course, reward!

  • Facebook Ads – We’ve been doing a lot with Facebook ads lately.  It’s great in terms of cheap clicks and scaling your list but will take some work to get down!  Check out Facebook Ads Academy for the best training we’ve found.
  • SitescoutSitescout is a banner ad network.  You can get cheap clicks if you know what you’re doing!  The minimum buy in is $500 though.
  • BuySellAdsBuySellAds is a collection of blogs and sites that you can place ads on.  Again, you can do well if your banners get high clickthru rates…
  • Google AdwordsAdwords is probably the hardest place to learn, but once you dial in your ads you can scale to the moon…

Keep in mind, the idea behind paying for traffic is that you are making more FROM that traffic than you pay for it!

So if you spend $1000 a week, you are making $1001 or more!  That’s how you scale your list and your income by paying for traffic.  Sometimes, you’ll spend  $1000 and not make that back for 2 weeks or 3 weeks – you have to manage it.

For a great session on knowing the economics of your business, pay attention to this Live Training by Jon & Kyle.  They show you the 3 metrics you need to know in your business when it comes to paid traffic and advertising…

Up Next…

Tomorrow is day 7 of the listbuilding section, so we’re going to talk about split testing.  Split testing landing pages is one of my favorite things to do because a simple change can lead to 30% more optins – meaning you get twice as many leads for the same ad spend!

Look for that tomorrow :0)


What kinds of traffic have you tried?  Solo Ads?  Banners?  Ad swaps?  Let us know your results!

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2 Responses to Day 27: Blowing Up Your List

  1. John Rider says:

    again your training course was easy to understand.I am def and disabled but I I am building a website and with the information that I received I think I now have a good start thank you

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