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What we’re going to talk about now is different lead generation strategies that you can implement in your business right now to drastically improve the conversions you get from traffic to an email opt-in list or some sort of landing page where you qualify prospects.

When you break down lead generation to a landing page, it’s really pretty simple…

  1. People come to a website.
  2. They decide whether or not they want more information from you.
  3. They sign up for more information or they don’t!

Before we get too much further, I want to introduce the idea of a ‘Lead Magnet’ to you.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are, quite simply, whatever you give someone to sign up for your list.

Generally, you’ll need to make it more attractive than, “Sign up for my list for all the latest updates!”  That won’t get you very far.

You’ll want to give them something that they can’t resist like a free report or a video series teaching them something they’d be interested in.  Check out this squeeze page inside LeadPages:


For example, if you’ve got a site reviewing dog training products, you could give them a recipe for making homemade dog bones in their oven.   And you don’t even need to know how to do it!  A simple Google search gives you this page, which has tons of recipes for dog treats!

If you’re going to use them, email the website and ask if it’s ok that you use them for a link back, but I don’t seem them saying no!

Let’s talk about the different kinds of lead magnets you can use to collect leads…

Types Of Lead Magnets

Let’s talk about some types of lead magnets, understanding that not all types are perfect for all businesses…  As long as you package something that’s consumable and offers value, you’ll be set!

NOTE: No matter which type of lead magnet you choose below, make sure to create an ecover graphic for it, or have one done for you on Elance!

Blog Content

speech-bubblesI love doing up tutorials and good blog content, and then having people optin for it…

For instance, if you have a great dog bone recipe that you’re giving away for free, you can simply put an optin form in front of it and make people sign up for it!

There are even plugins like Popup Domination that do it for you!

Free Report

A free report works, perhaps better now than it has in the past few years.  People like to sit down and read, especially on their Kindle or iPad, or after printing it out.

Usually free reports are delivered as a PDF file, and typically between 12 and 30 pages long.  They can be shorter or longer as long as you are able to offer value through them.

It’s worth it to note, the term “Special Report” is often more well received (for whatever reason).  I guess because ‘special’ means that it’s new or timely or whatever.  It’s still a free report though!


video_90576967Videos work, plain and simple.  A video series or a singular video that actually teaches them something is very powerful!  They can be simple, generated with ScreenFlow or Camtasia, and hosted on Youtube.  You don’t have to get overly complex here.

It has to add value to their lives or their business though.  Your video needs to teach them how to do something or offer some sort of valuable information.

Audio (.mp3)

Audio (or .mp3 files) is another valuable freebie offer that lots of people enjoy because it’s portable.  They can put it on their iPod or on their computer and take it with them.

If you want to really pack a 1-2 punch, create a video and strip out the audio portion of it!  That way they can watch the video and/or put the mp3 on their mobile phone to listen to later…

(This is one reason why podcasts are such great lead magnets – iTunes takes care of all the work for you!)


1354040943510802426New Spreadsheet Icon.svg.hiDepending on you niche, spreadsheets could be awesome lead magnets to give away.  A long time ago, I gave away a spreadsheet that had simple calculations in it for membership sites…  Things like new members, existing members, how much they were paying, churn, etc.

This is perfect for folks in the financial and investment worlds, as well as anything business related!


I really like the idea of using an app as a lead generation mechanism. I think that we’re going to see a lot more of that in the future.

Think about it, apps like MindMeister and Producteev are building enormous databases of business owner leads.  Imagine using that for affiliate marketing or product sales!  It’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

Someone downloads an app, signs in, enjoys using it and receives a few emails a week!


Software-iconAnother great lead generation tool is software. We’re seeing more and more of it in the Internet marketing space, everything from done for you click button shit to banner creators and Facebook advertising tools.

Software’s a little difficult to outsource reliably, but if you’re a programmer and you’ve got an idea you’re good!

Ultimately, software is an awesome lead source because it requires very little ‘selling.’  It just works.  If people like a short demo, they sign up for it!

(I don’t need to get into the whole freemium/premium software model, but that applies here :0) )

Up Next…

traffic_light_amberUltimately, it’s up to you to choose one type of lead magnet that you like, create it, and offer it for download to users who sign up for your list!  It doesn’t get any more complicated than that…

Do me a favor though – realize that your lead magnet, if you deliver on the promise of adding value to your prospect – will actually serve as a great sales tool!

If you give someone a great experience, an a-ha moment, or help in solving a problem; they’ll follow you for a long time!

Tomorrow, we’re going to cover traffic strategies for list building, so you can start getting people signed up and going through your autoresponders!


Tell us, what is the ‘coolest’ lead magnet you’ve seen?  For me, it was the very first report I downloaded years ago that taught me about ‘professional blogging.’

It wasn’t that I wanted to be a professional blogger, but it started me on the journey to monetizing websites and Internet marketing!

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4 Responses to Day 26: Lead Magnets

  1. John Rider says:

    I had been following your instructions and found them to be very interesting. I am deaf and looking for a income.I have signed up as an affiliate with a capital loan company which offers a no credit check business loan with a 95 percent approval

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi John! That sounds like a great affiliate program. I actually did a lot of research on the ‘no credit check loan’ keywords a few years ago and there was tons of opportunity. Same with ‘home for sale by owner’ assuming that those folks didn’t want credit checks.

      There’s a huge business there!

  2. Earn Money Online says:

    You are spot on. I have had good results lately with simple reports. My over all highest converting lead magnet is this free video course available here.

    Thanks for the good training Jason. There have been some great nuggets shared.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Thank you! Next time, please use your real name rather than a keyword phrase. We love linkbuilding but not at the expense of our readers.


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