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[note color=”#dddddd”] Resources mentioned in the video:

  • Get Facebook Traffic – Simple strategies to get Facebook traffic, with no money! (There is some paid advertising tricks in there too…)
  • FB Influence – One of the best courses in the world about Facebook marketing and branding.
[/note] [heading style=”2″]Getting Facebook Traffic[/heading]

There’s a pretty underground guy who’s been doing a LOT with Facebook lately, and getting tens of thousands of clicks a day.  I can’t say I know him personally, but I’ve watched all his videos and he does a good job of showing you how to tap into prospects and buyers on Facebook.

He calls his process ‘Hyper Facebook Traffic.’

Click the video below to watch:


[heading style=”2″]Your Facebook Income Cheat Sheet![/heading]

[heading style=”2″]Text-Based Tutorial[/heading]

Level: Beginner
Get Involved: 30-Day Challenge Signup
Details: Read About The Challenge

Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Welcome to Day 7, the last day, of the ‘How To Make Money On Facebook’ tutorial!

Today, we’ve got a special one for you.

We’re going to walk you through a newer Facebook advertising feature called ‘Promoted Posts.’

Promoted Posts are pretty simple really. You can give Facebook a few bucks and they put your post in front of thousands upon thousands of people.

Those people:

  • Like your post
  • Like your page
  • Click the link in your post
  • Share your post
  • Or, any combination of the above

This is one way that we really like to use for getting Facebook traffic.  There are a lot of other ways though…

[heading style=”2″]How To Use Promoted Posts[/heading]

Today, we’re going to walk through the relatively simple process of promoting the posts on our Facebook Page.

Not that long ago, Facebook decided that they were going to let you expand your reach by allowing you to just sponsor one post at a time. So if a post is doing well for you in terms of affiliate commissions, likes or shares, you can put it in front of more people!

NOTE: You have to have a certain number of likes in order to make this feature appear. From what I’ve read, it’s 100 likes but that may be outdated information. It’s changed a few times.

For purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to use the Money Sites Facebook Page.

How To Get Page Likes (Step 2)

Step 1: Boost Post

Go to any of the posts on your page. In the lower right of the box, it’ll say ‘Boost Post.’

If the feature isn’t there, it’s not active on your Page yet.

Step 1: Boost Post

Step 2: Choose Your Budget

Hit the dropdown to pick a budget…

Step 2: Choose Your Budget

Step 3: Choose Your Budget

Select the budget you want to run with (and look at the estimated reach!)

That’s how many people will see your sponsored post.

Step 3: Choose Your Budget

Step 4: Hit Boost Post

Just hit boost post and you’re listing will be approved and active!

Step 4: Hit Boost Post

Step 5: If It's Doing Well…

If your post is doing well in terms of likes, shares or affiliate income – you can add money to it and keep it rolling. All you have to do is log into the Facebook Ads portal and change the amount of money allotted to it.


Step 5: If It's Doing Well...
[heading style=”2″]What’s Next?[/heading]

First of all, thanks for going through the Facebook Formula tutorial series with us! We really hope you can use the information to start generating an income online…

We’re going to put together additional tutorials, similar to this one on the near future, but we need your input!

QUESTION: What would you like to see an in depth tutorial on (like this)? List building? Blogging? Free Traffic? You name it and we’ll get to creating it!

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9 Responses to Day 21: Getting More Likes On Facebook

  1. Dave Feener says:

    I would look forward to an in depth tutorial on free traffic which I believe would include list building and blogging.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hey Dave! That’s a good idea. It would take a lot of the information already presented here (keywords, linkbuilding) and just reframe it. I’ve actually been re-thinking a lot of the navigation on LUA and was planning on featuring a few different sections that you could drill down through..

  2. […] By Jason Drohn · 1 Comment […]

  3. Jim says:

    Love this stuff. Can you tell me about the so-called UID scrapers to do Custom Audiences?

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Sure Jim! And thank you!

      The UID scrapers that are coming on the market simply go in, troll through groups and events, and swipe the user ID’s of all the people who are part of the group or event..

      From there, you can upload them in Facebook Ads Power Editor as a custom audience, and market directly to them. I’m messing around with custom audiences right now. After I play with them for a while, I’ll record a training on it for the site!


      • Jim says:

        Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. Is scraping FB UID’s a good idea and what is the best (and safest) software to use without losing a FB account?
        Thanks again

        • Jason Drohn says:

          No problem Jim! I can’t say I’m well versed in all the different types of software available right now. I know of Deiss’ AudienceMakr which is pretty good. It won’t pull UID’s out of FB Pages, but will out of events and groups. Some of our other readers might be able to recommend some they’ve tried…

          As for ‘is it a good idea?’ I think it’s fine. What we typically do is create audience segments from our email list since it’ll accept emails as well as UID’s. Either way, you can get cheap clicks though :0)


  4. Alex says:

    Am I doing good Jason? Please see my FB page

    Is it a good idea to buy FB likes via outsourcing websites like

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hey Alex! That’s awesome! I wouldn’t buy likes on freelancer. Instead, I’d ‘boost’ your posts $5. You’ll get a lot of likes that way :0)

      Plus, the more likes you have, the more that $5 boost will get you!

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