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[note color=”#dddddd”] Resources mentioned in the video:

  • Easy Status Updates – Full collection of status updates that get shared like CRAZY on Facebook, getting you massive traffic!
  • Get Facebook Traffic – We’ll talk more about Facebook traffic in Lesson 7… Excellent resource though!
[/note] [heading style=”2″]Traffic Getting Status Updates[/heading]

Imagine if you had an army of people sharing EVERYTHING you posted on your niche Facebook Page? We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of shares.

In the video below, Brian will show you want I mean!

Just click the image below and watch the video:


[heading style=”2″]Your Facebook Income Cheat Sheet![/heading]

[heading style=”2″]Text-Based-Tutorial[/heading]

Level: Beginner
Get Involved: 30-Day Challenge Signup
Details: Read About The Challenge

Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Welcome to Lesson 5! Today, is by far the easiest. It’s almost a day off for you!

Today is Part 1 of a 2-part lesson on getting Facebook Page likes, which is the fuel you’ll use to make an income on Facebook.

The more people who like your page, the more people see and share your status updates! The more people who share, the more likes you get and so on…

That one of the most important elements of this whole process!

The way we’re going to jumpstart it is to ask some of our friends to like our page. It’s a quick tutorial that you can go through down below.

Now, if you want to get a jumpstart on posting status updates that get passed around like crazy, then my friend Brian has a video for you…

[heading style=”2″]Getting Facebook Likes (Part 1)[/heading]

How To Get Page Likes (Step 1)

Today, we’re going to start getting folks to like our Niche Facebook Page… That’ll get the ball rollingon traffic and people clicking our affiliate links!

This isn’t the PRIMARY way we’re going to get likes. We’ve got some more advanced methods, but this is going to get the ball rolling (like Easy Status Updates). After this first batch, you won’t have to do it again.

The name of the game in Facebook Pages is to get people to click the ‘Like’ button. Typically, they only do that if they want to see your updates, which is why it’s important to make sure to post cool stuff like videos, blog posts, and of course affiliate links.

But if you only post affiliate links, then nobody is going to give you the time of day!

This will be the easiest lesson of the bunch for you, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Go To Your Facebook Page

Head on over to your Faceboook Page, then hit the ‘See All’ link in the ‘Invite Your Friends’ Tab.

This is the #1 reason why we said to find a niche you’re interested in… Because chances are you have other friends who are too!

Step 1: Go To Your Facebook Page

Step 2: Pick Your Friends

Now, pick the friends you want to like your page…

And it ‘Submit.’

Step 2: Pick Your Friends

Step 3: The Page Request (Your Friends)

Your friends are going to see a status update asking them to like your page… As people see it and click the ‘like’ button, your count goes up!

Step 3: The Page Request (Your Friends)

Step 4: You've Got Likes

Now, it’s only a matter of time until people start liking your page… The primary purpose of this is to get a few people sharing our stuff for us. One people sharing might lead to 3 more likes, who share more… And so on. That’s how Pages work!

Again, if you want to get the ball rolling that much faster, just watch the Easy Status Update video! Brian is a Facebook ninja.

[heading style=”2″]What’s Next?[/heading]

Want to know the best thing about this Facebook Niche System… The hard part is already done! Setting these things up takes about 20 minutes total after you get good at them, and you can start to use your Pages in tandem once you get a few of them rocking.

Tomorrow, we’re going to show you the Page update schedule you should follow (or at least start with!) and then we’re going to close up the 7-day tutorial with another strategy for getting Page likes.

Talk soon!

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