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[note color=”#dddddd”] Resources mentioned in the video:

  • Facebook – Not that you need a link, but sometimes it’s easier to click :0)
  • Facebook Page Setup – Here’s where you set up your Facebook Page
  • Iconfinder – For simple graphics to use on Facebook Pages!
  • Elance – Where I outsource all my graphic work…
  • Max Graphics Toolkit – Awesome graphics site that has a lot of Facebook covers and stuff like that
[/note] [heading style=”2″]Facebook Page Resources[/heading]

Marketing Graphics Toolkit

I’m not wonderful with graphics by any means, but the one resource I use to get by is Marketing Graphics Toolkit. There are over 75 different packages in their member’s area, including Facebook Cover photos and all kinds of other stuff. Plus, it’s super cheap.



If you need more of a custom touch for your page, like a professionally designed logo or cover photo or anything like that, Elance is your place to find talent. I get logos and stuff done there all the time for $60 a piece, and the turnaround time is typically a day or so.

We’ve actually got a full tutorial on how to outsource the right way!


[heading style=”2″]Text-Based Tutorial[/heading]

facebook-marketing-tips-promojam-642x336Level: Beginner
Get Involved: 30-Day Challenge Signup
Details: Read About The Challenge

Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

In today’s lesson, we’re going to show you exactly how to set up a Facebook Page from scratch!

It’s actually pretty simple. Facebook has made it so easy that anyone can do it because it’s trying hard to get businesses to start using the platform for their local businesses.

The key here is to set up a page that is ‘Niche Focused,’ meaning it will have articles, videos, products and things associated with one niche.

For example, a ‘We Love Golf’ page that has clubs, drivers, ebooks, videos, Youtube golf videos, golfing articles… Anything related to golf.

Here are some ideas for Facebook Page titles:

  • We Love Golf
  • I Love Golf
  • Better Golf Tips
  • Golf Lovers
  • All Things Golf

The rest of this tutorial is going to walk you through putting together a Facebook Page!

[heading style=”2″]Your Facebook Income Cheat Sheet![/heading]

[heading style=”2″]Set Up Your Facebook Page[/heading]


This Facebook Page Tutorial is going to walk you through the exact steps required to create a brand spankin’ new Facebook page.

1: Facebook Page 101

The best way to start setting up a Facebook page is to hit the main site, Facebook, and click on ‘Create A Page.’

1: Facebook Page 101

2: Pick your page style

Depending on what kind of page you’re setting up, there is a lot of choices. Pick the one that best fits your business, or your client’s business.

NOTE: We almost always use ‘Website’ under ‘Brand or Product.’

2: Pick your page style

3: Page Setup

Choose ‘Website’ and then put in the page name. In our case, it’s ‘Good Grades Guide.’

Then, click the ‘I agree’ checkbox and then click the Get Started button.

3: Page Setup

4: Sign In or Sign Up

Next, you have to either sign in or sign up.

1) Sign in to your Facebook account to continue

2) Create a Facebook account to continue

4: Sign In or Sign Up

5: Log In To Facebook

We’re just going to log in…

5: Log In To Facebook

6: Upload A Picture

Next, choose a picture for your Facebook page…

6: Upload A Picture

7: Find Your Image

For us, we’ve got a book for the Good Grades Guide that we’re going to use…

Find it on your computer and then click open.

7: Find Your Image

8: It’s uploaded!

Your image is uploaded!

8: It's uploaded!

9: Page information

Now, you’ve got to add in a bit of information about your page…

1) Enter in your page’s description

2) Enter the URL of the webpage or business

3) Choose yes or no

4) Click ‘save info.’

9: Page information

10: Your NEW page!

Now, your page is set up!! Congratulations!

10: Your NEW page!

11: Add a cover image

The first thing I do is add a cover image. Nothing special, but something…

I mage this one real quick in Photoshop. There are Timeline Cover themes and stuff you can use as well.

11: Add a cover image

12: Upload Photo As A Cover

After you click ‘Add a Cover,’ select ‘Upload Photo.’

12: Upload Photo As A Cover

13: Find your cover image

Now, upload your cover image…

13: Find your cover image

14: It’s uploaded (not pretty, but uploaded…)

Now, your cover image is uploaded!

I suggest making a cover image that’s a little bit more pretty, but this works for now…

14: It's uploaded (not pretty, but uploaded...)

15: Now, your settings…

There is a lot of information that you can include in your settings for your page, which is pretty beneficial.

So, click ‘About’ to get started.

15: Now, your settings...

16: Edit your settings

Click edit in your about page…

16: Edit your settings

17: Your settings

This is where you can change all of your settings… There’s a lot to go through, but it’s pretty self explanatory. None of it is required to have a page though.

1) In your left sidebar, you can move around between different admin pages… This includes insights, administrator roles, etc.

2) The right side of the page is where you change the individual pieces of information for your page.

17: Your settings

18: Advanced Section

Next to the ‘Like’ button, there is a little gear icon. If you click it, there is a dropdown that gives you access to some advanced features.

Here you can create an ad, share the page, and lots of other stuff.

The only thing you’ll probably do here is ‘Create an Ad’ and we’ll have another report for that in time….

Other than that, you’re all set! Just start adding articles, links and pictures to your FB page! Treat it no different than you do your personal profile.

18: Advanced Section

19: Congratulations!

You’re all done! Welcome to your new page.

Now, all you have to do is start getting some LIKES!

19: Congratulations!
[heading style=”2″]What’s Next?[/heading]

Tomorrow’s going to be a much easier lesson! We’re going to prep your Facebook Page a little bit by posting a series of status updates, some of them with your affiliate links…

There is a very specific way that we do this. Some status updates do better than others, and we’re going to have a resource for you that will help you get some of the VIRAL Facebook traffic that’ll help skyrocket your success!

Until tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Day 17: Creating A Facebook Page

  1. michael says:

    hi jason, where can we get a copy of your “review document” (step by step procedure for writing a product review) that you mention on your webinar, thanks;)

  2. michael says:

    hi jason its me again , in your video for making facebook pages you went to “ ” for the logo my question is, am i not going to get in trouble using this icons or copyright issues? sorry for the question , im just a newbie ;)

    • Jason Drohn says:

      No worries Michael! Next to the image on the right, under ‘Details’ there is License information. If you click that link, it’ll tell you what you can do with it :0)

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