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[note color=”#dddddd”] Resources mentioned in the video:

  • Clickbank – Awesome affiliate network for digital products like ebooks and video courses.
  • Amazon – The standard affiliate program for physical products like tents, shoes and golf clubs.
  • Amazon Best Sellers List – Some of the top sellers on Amazon (awesome for figuring out what people are already buying!)
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Level: Beginner
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Prerequisites: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course (free!)

Today, we’re going to talk about how to get your affiliate links, so that all the sales you send are credited to you…  And you get paid for them!

For some of you, this might be second nature, which is awesome!  You can skip this section if that’s the case…  If not, and you’ve never gotten an affiliate link, this is for you!

To put it simply, an affiliate link is a special link that tracks your commissions for you through a special piece of software.  All of the major affiliate networks have software that ‘cookies’ the web browser of everyone who clicks your link…

With that ‘cookie,’ the affiliate network know if someone makes a purchase or not!  And if you sent them, you get your commission!

So, affiliate links are REALLY important…  You can’t get paid without them!

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[heading style=”2″]How To Get Your Affiliate Links[/heading]


Today, we’re going to talk about how to get affiliate links for your affiliate promotions. It might be easy for some of you, but it can prove to be quite a task for others… I know I was unsure when I first started!

We’re going to discuss Clickbank and Amazon in today’s lesson. Commission Junction is a little different in that you have to apply for each program, get accepted, and then get your affiliate link.

With Clickbank and Amazon, once you get an account you can promote whatever you want!

We’re going to walk through the steps here…


Step 1: Clickbank

Step 1: Clickbank

To get your Clickbank affiliate link, you have to be logged in… So go ahead and click the ‘Login’ link, enter your Clickbank ID and password, and hit ‘Log In.’

Step 2: Marketplace

Step 2: Marketplace

Hit the ‘Marketplace’ link in the upper right.

Step 3: Find Your Niche

Step 3: Find Your Niche

Find the niche you are getting into, and hit the ‘Promote’ button for the product you want to promote…

Step 4: Enter Your CB ID

Step 4: Enter Your CB ID

Go ahead and enter your Clickbank ID (your Clickbank username) in the ‘Account Nickname’ field.

You can also include a tracking ID if you’d like. It’s not required.

Then, hit ‘Create.’

Step 5: Copy Your Affiliate Link

Step 5: Copy Your Affiliate Link

The top box is your affiliate link!!

Every person who clicks that link will be tracked by Clickbank and if they buy anything, you’ll get credit for it!

Keep that link in a safe place. You can come back and redo the process, if you have to – but it’s way easier to just save it in a spreadsheet or somewhere safe.

Now, let’s look at Amazon.

Step 6: Amazon Affiliate Link

Step 6: Amazon Affiliate Link

Amazon is actually quite a bit easier!

After you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, and you’re logged in, a gray bar appears at the top of Amazon.

Whenever you find something you want to promote, all you have to do is hit ‘Link to this page,’ and your affiliate link is baked right in!

I’ll show you…

Step 7: Customize Link

Step 7: Customize Link

Amazon allows for lots of different ways to customize the link… Do you want an image? Do you want a description?

I personally like the ‘Text Only’ links, so we’ll click on that.


Step 8: Grab Amazon Affiliate Link

Step 8: Grab Amazon Affiliate Link

Next, we’re going to grab a very specific piece of the code that they give to us…

This code they give us formats text and stuff so we can put it into the code of our webpage… We actually want to make it a live link, so all we need to copy is this:”

Basically, it’s everything including and after the http:// … Up until the final quotation mark after your Affiliate User ID.

That’s it though! Keep it safe. Use both links in your websites, Facebook or Twitter… Have fun!

[heading style=”2″]What’s Next?[/heading]

Tomorrow, we’ve got a really awesome lesson for you!  We’re going to be showing you EXACTLY how to set up a Facebook Page so you can start posting your affiliate links and getting some traffic!

Just wait – it’s going to be AWESOME!

Talk to you tomorrow!

QUESTION: Getting ready for tomorrow’s lesson…  How comfortable are you with Facebook?

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3 Responses to Day 16: Getting Your Affiliate Links

  1. michael says:

    i hope you can see actual steps on how you do the facebook page so we can follow it exactly as you do

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