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Welcome to the last day of the Affiliate Website section of the Challenge!  Today, we’re going to talk about monitoring your traffic, and what it’ll mean for your business!

Keep in mind, not all traffic is created equal.  And since we’ve done our keyword research, we know exactly what most of the people coming to our website are looking for!

So it’s our job to give it to them so they click our affiliate links and buy something…

Let’s get started…

Get Into Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wildly useful, free tool that Google puts out to give you insights into how your site is doing, what the most popular pages are, etc.


Like everything Google, all you have to do to sign up for an account is use your Google ID to sign in.  After that, it’s just setting up your site to hook into their platform.

For that, you’ll need a WordPress plugin.

Getting Your Analytics Plugin

Google itself doesn’t make a WordPress plugin, but there are lots of developers who do.  My favorite plugin to use is this Analytics Plugin by Yoast.

It’s easy to set up and integrates perfectly.  You don’t every have to worry about it after it’s going.


After your plugin is set up, give Google Analytics about 24 hours to start computing data, and you’ll be able to see exactly how people are interacting with your site!

Understanding Google Analytics

I put together a short little tutorial on understanding Google Analytics that might help you out a little bit…


More Resources

Here’s a downloadable PDF that you can use to walk you through what you really need to focus on in Analytics for your affiliate site…


Up Next…

Guess what? We’re doing with the website portion of the 30-Day Challenge! That means you have EVERYTHING you need to go out and kill it with affiliate money making websites…

Keywords. Website setup. On-Page Optimization and article writing. Linkbuilding strategies.

If something catches you up, just work through the lessons, or if you need more 1-on-1 help coaching might be a fit for you! If you need a recap, just go to the 30-Day Challenge page and all the posts will be right there waiting for you!

The next lessons is going to kick off the Facebook portion of the training. Aside from website and free traffic, it’s the next easiest way to make money online if you know what you’re doing… And if you stick with us for the next 7 days, you will have everything you need!


In the comment box below, tell us what you’ve learned in the last 14 days about making money with a website… It can be anything from keywords to linkbuilding to tracking rankings!

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6 Responses to Day 14: Monitoring Your Traffic

  1. Joshua says:

    The link building course taught me the order in which to do things which helped me overcome major fear of failure.

  2. Any suggestions on paid plugins to “protect” clickbank affiliate sales? :)

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hey Josh! Paid plugins when you are a product vendor? I haven’t used anything other than Wishlist and OfficeAutoPilot to protect content, but it sets it up as a membership site. That might be good or bad for you :0)

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