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Welcome to the final linkbuilding lesson in this series!  And hats off to you for sticking with me up until this point :0)

Linkbuilding can be a pain, but if you put the right processes in place and are diligent about it, it’s the difference between making $100 a month and $10,000 a month all with free traffic!

Today, we’re going to talk about some ‘advanced’ linkbuilding strategies…  And by ‘advanced’ I don’t mean difficult.  I really mean that you won’t be using them much, but they’re good to have in your repertoire.

There will be times when you’re #3 on the first page of Google, you’ve build all of your article directory links, you’ve done all your social posting, and have authority backlinks…  And it’s still not enough!

In those instances, there are some things you can do that should help bump you up a couple spots.

Youtube Videos

youtube-logoHaving a Youtube video on your site has been proven to increase your Google ranking slightly, especially in a very competitive keyword race.

We’ve tested it quite a few times and simply adding a video will usually help.

Typically, we create the video that we use with simple screen capture software like Screenflow or Camtasia, where we read a powerpoint or read the article word for word.

In fact, check this one out on our Video Boss Review site.  All we did is:

  1. Write the review
  2. Copy that review into a Powerpoint document
  3. Start the screen capture software (Screenflow or Camtasia)
  4. Go through the Powerpoint slide by slide, reading aloud
  5. Exporting the video to .mp4 format
  6. Uploading to
  7. Pasting the embed code in our blog post

Here’s an image:


Just having that video in the blog post was enough to go from #2 in Google to #1, in about 24 hours.

And that #1 ranking was the difference between making $7K in affiliate commissions to making $30K in affiliate commissions.

Now, if you don’t have screen recording software or don’t want to make your own video, that’s ok too.  Do a search on Youtube for something relevant and simply embed it in your site!

Guest Blogging

GuestAnother advanced ranking strategy is guest blogging, or writing for someone else’s site.

Granted, you’re writing content for someone else, but you’ll find that there are some incredible benefits from leveraging another site’s authority.


  • Get at least one backlink to your site which will most likely get assigned a Page Rank at some point or another!
  • Grab the most active leads from that site.  The people you want on your email list!
  • Start establishing relationships with other website owners that you can use in the future like mailings, content distribution, etc.

The trick is finding a site to write on!  A lot of the websites that you know and visit aren’t looking for guest bloggers who just come in and start writing.  Mashable, Techcrunch, Problogger; those sites are all huge.  You should be looking for the C and D caliber blogs.  The folks who get traffic, but aren’t full of themselves.

Here are some places to look:

  • Alltop – Find your category or niche and drill down into the sites featured there.  You’ll find a handful of sites that you can start working with to get some articles out there.
  • Technorati – Technorati has a pretty intense ranking system for blogs.  Look through the directory, in your niche, and find influential sites that AREN’T at the top of the list…  Ones that will accept your guest posts!
  • Google Blog Search – It’s kind of a buzz kill, but if you do a Google Blog Search for your niche, you’ll find sites there too :0)  There’s really no way of telling how influential they are though!

Truth be told, for as many sites as you find that aren’t looking for guest bloggers, there’s 10 that are.  I can tell you just in coaching and working in this space, everyone’s looking for guest writers!

Blog Comments

comment-iconThe final strategy we’re going to talk about is Blog Comments, both commenting and receiving comments.

Interaction is a big metric in Google’s eyes anymore.  If your content inspires comments, then it’s worthy of ranking in a lot of cases.  So, giving and receiving comments is a good thing.

Commenting On Other Sites

When you leave a comment on another website, it gives you a chance to build a backlink to yours…  Where you put your name, email and website – right there!  Once a comment is post, it turns your name into a link.

Now, some people will use that opportunity to put their keyword, making the link that is created keyword loaded.  Others will simply put their name.

In terms of linkbuilding, it really doesn’t matter.  Remember back in Link Building Basics, we talked about anchor text diversity!  This is where that applies.

33% of your links should be the keyword.  33% should be ‘click here.’  And 33% should be something else, including your URL.

So, but commenting on other people’s sites with your name, you’re still good.

Now, finding other sites to comment on.  That’s a trick.  Here are some tips:

  • Start with sites you’re following already.  Comment on articles that you find interesting!
  • Use Google Blog Search.  Comment on sites that are in your niche.
  • Use Alltop.  Again, comment on sites that are in your niche.

If you write an exceptionally good comment, people will visit your site through the link in the comment, which means you get more traffic!  That’s never a bad thing!

Getting Comments

social-interaction-social-contact-attraction_130512Now, I’m not exceptionally good at getting comments.  I’ll be the first one to admit that.

There are, however, blogs that get hundreds and thousands of comments on a post!  So, I’ll leave it up to them to teach you more about getting interaction on your blog :0)

Up Next…

Now that we’ve put all this work into keywords, content and backlinks; it’s time to see it pay off!

Tomorrow, we’re going to find out exactly where our articles and sites are ranking.  I’m going to show you how to track your Google rankings using a simple piece of software.

It’s really the only thing I religiously check in the morning, just to see where my sites are and what I need to do to improve them!


In the comment box, tell us if you’ve ever written articles for someone else’s blog?  If you’ve ever been a guest blogger.  If so, what were your results?  Did you get leads?  Traffic?

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3 Responses to Day 12: Not So Advanced Ranking Strategies

  1. Rick says:

    Guess I didn’t realize that comments on my websites were a good thing. I get so frustrated with all the spammy comments people leave just to get backlinks that I have closed the comments. Any suggestions for reducing the number of spam & robot-generated comments. Is there any benefit to commenting on your own posts?

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hey Rick! Yep, commenting on your own posts increases the interactivity of other commenters, which is a good thing :0) As far as spam and robot-generated comments, the Akismet plugin works well on sites that you frequent. On a lot of our sites that just sit there, we do turn comments off though, or off after 14-days.

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