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We’ve had quite the run on linkbuilding tutorials, haven’t we?  Like I said, it’s the #1 thing people mess up when it comes to monetizing a website with free traffic…

So far, we’ve covered:

And today, we’re going to cover an advanced linkbuilding tactic, press releases!

A word of warning though…  There are tons of free press release sites out there that will try to get you to pay for upgrades…  Don’t do it.  You’ll never get the results you’re after!  They’re free for a reason.

When To Use Press Releases

Press Releases should be used for one of two reasons:

  • When you’re looking to get exposure for a product, a business, or something ‘new.’  It can even be a new slant on an older thing, like a new product launch, an upgrade, or a new revision.  This is what press releases were actually designed for :0)
  • When you are looking to get a lot of backlinks to your website quickly, like when you’re trying to rank for an affiliate term or a product review that has a specific launch date.

We use press releases more for linkbuilding than anything else.

In fact, here’s a screenshot of the effect of one of our press releases for the Number One Book System review site we published.  That’s over 9,000 ‘media deliveries':


And here’s a screenshot of the press release itself.  Click here to read it if you like.


And here’s the site that we were building links for:


We ended up doing really well through that launch, ranking #1 for both ‘Authority ROI’ and ‘Authority ROI Review.’

How To Structure Your Press Releases

The questionnairePress Releases follow a pretty simple format, but they’re easy to mess up.  Thankfully, every press release that is distributed goes through a pretty rigorous editorial process…


Your title should be 8 – 15 words that tells the news itself.

For example:

GOOD:  Internet Marketing Authority Jason Drohn Publishes A New, Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course For Website Owners

BAD: Make Money Online – Click Here To Read About Leveling Up Academy To Make Money


Do NOT copy and paste a part of the press release itself, like you do in article marketing.  Write a completely unique summary about 25-30 words long.


Among the growing number of fraudulent offers for home business training over the Internet, Jason Drohn at Leveling Up Academy stands out for his unique quality in training and coaching classes.


Write 250-300 words of a short news story, written in the third person, detailing the news.

A model that you can follow if you’re uncomfortable writing on your own is:

  • 1st Paragraph – Tell the news itself.  Include one link.  60-75 words.
  • 2nd Paragraph – Explain what the news could potentially mean.  60-75 words.
  • 3rd Paragraph – Citation.  Quote someone making a comment about the news.  Include a link to the speakers page. 75-90 words.
  • 4th Paragraph – Closing.  A short objective commentary on the news, including ‘additional informational links.’ 50-60 words.

Contact Information

Offer a name, business name, email address, and telephone number that is legitimate.

You won’t get called unless you really uncover a big story, so don’t worry about publishing legitimate information.


Select as many of these that make sense.  They can really even be a stretch…

Additional Links

Link to whatever you want – whatever you want to build links to.  It can be totally unrelated if need be.

Where To Submit Your Press Releases

There are two places we use to submit press releases, depending on how much exposure or how many links we want.

The first is PRweb.  PRweb is more expensive, but the results are awesome.


The second is WebWire.  WebWire is much cheaper, but you won’t get near the distribution that PRweb gives you.  We use WebWire for sites and articles that don’t need TONS of links, but would still benefit from a press release campaign.


Up Next…

Tomorrow is the final lesson in linkbuilding!  We’re going to talk about guest blogging and blog comments, both valid linkbuilding tools when you use them correctly!

And truthfully, because they take up so much time, we don’t do them all that often.  Really, we only bust out those strategies when we need a push to get the #1 spot in Google!


Here’s today’s question: Have you ever done a press release?  If so, did you use one of the 2 options we talked about here, or did you just work with the free press release sites?  And, what were your results?

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12 Responses to Day 11: Press Release Hacks

  1. Hi, I just used PRweb the $99 option. I’m trying to follow the steps but I can’t find the option to where to place links inside the press release body like in your example. How did you accomplish this? Is it part of the more expensive packages? I currently saved the PR in draft mode since I’m unsure of what to do.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Josh! We haven’t ever used the $99 option but it might be that ‘Basic Press Release Template’ that’s listed in their product details. Perhaps it doesn’t let you specify links in the post? There’s a pop-up customer service box that you can use to ask them if you can add links…

  2. Alex says:

    Isn’t any problem of distributing duplicate contents?

  3. Carl says:

    Hello i’ve done a press release on ireport cnn. Hasn’t that got alot of authority? how do you find that? Pr web is deffo powerful as i’ve seen in many searches undisputed. Does press release and adding a youtube video work really well?.

    • Jason Drohn says:

      Hi Carl! I believe that when you submit IReport CNN, it just goes to IReport. The reason you’d use PRweb or WebWire is so that your press release goes to multiple (hundreds) of different sites.

      So, if you submit a press release to PRweb, it will also get included in IReport, as well as a few hundred other places on the Internet.

      And yes, press releases with or without Youtube videos work incredibly well for building backlinks!


  4. Karl says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve just taken a look at the main site and I can’t seem to find the $299 option. All I can see are the $249 Advanced package and the $369 Premium package. Which one of these is the one that you use?

    Also one of my websites is a UK specific product. I’m thinking of using the (UK Version of PR Web) to send a press release as I’m thinking Google will think it’s more relevant. What do you think? The premium version is the one that is distributed to the premier news outlets through the press association. Its quite expensive at £249 (about $413). But may be worth it.


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