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Can you believe that we’re almost done with the website portion of the training?  I can’t!

A few days ago, we talked about social posting, and an automated way to get your content out there…  It’s a great strategy and will get you social backlinks, but there’s one problem…

Your content gets ADDED to the social bookmarking site or whatever, but it doesn’t get PROMOTED.  Meaning, you’ll get one like or one bookmark.  Your friends on those networks might add a few more, but your content doesn’t get any more exposure past that…

Today, we’re going to show you how to get more Facebook Likes.  More shares.  More retweets.  And more bookmarks!

And it only takes a few minutes a day, whenever you post a new piece of content!

Getting Social

wallpaper-1827962In recent years, Google has become increasingly social in nature.  The search engine has figured out that its results are better if it leverages human interaction, in the form of Likes, Shares, Retweets, Views and everything else.

What that basically means is that it’ll rank ‘viral content’ over content that has perfect on-page and off-page optimization…

So, it’s important to realize that there is a social site to SEO, and take steps to ensure that your content will hit all the optimization metrics, rather than just a few like keywords and incoming links!

Not to mention, certain social actions like content syndication and social bookmarks actively build backlinks along the way :0)

They’re not necessarily Authority Backlinks, like we talked about yesterday, but they’re backlinks nonetheless!

Getting Serious About Social SEO

There are two tools that we use for our Social SEO, whether it be for clients or for affiliate sites.  Social ADR being our preferred pick…


And Synnd being the second…


Synnd is a great tool.  We’ve used it for years.  Honestly, it’s hard to pick up though.  It takes a good deal of set up time, no matter how much documentation we provide you with…

Social Adr on the other hand, is nice and easy…  Just the way we like it.  There is very little set up time and you don’t have to worry about it once your social campaign is started!

So, let’s get to setting it up…

Setting Up Social ADR

Social ADR is really, really simple to set up.  Log in.  Post a bookmark.  Done.  It doesn’t take any longer than a few minutes.


Social Links Procedure (PDF Download)


Social Links Cheat Sheet


More Resources

Here’s a live training we did a few months ago on the linkbuilding process, and how we do it internally:

Up Next…

Tomorrow, we’re going to start rounding out the linkbuilding series with press releases and blog comments!

Press releases are HUGE for linkbuilding, especially when you have a timely piece of content that you want to get out there, or a site that you need to rank QUICK!

In fact, press releases are a favorite for launchjacking because the perceived media exposure guarantees some pretty big time publications… It’s pretty magical when you time it right.


In the comment box below, let’s talk about social proof… Yes, this post is more about getting social backlinks and social votes, but there is a untold benefit to it as well…

If you land on a page that has 500 likes on Facebook, are you more willing to believe the information? Or doesn’t it matter…

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9 Responses to Day 10: Getting Social

  1. Hey Jason,
    You are sharing some great stuff that I use every day. These methods really work if you put them in action.

  2. Jeremias says:

    Hey Jason,
    What is the best way to reach out for support? I’m having some trouble accessing some of the email links. For example, I can’t access the link in the email titled: Your Digital Presence…

    Also, I’ve emailed support a couple of times but never received a reply. Please advise. Thanks!


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