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I admit, being a badass affiliate is pretty awesome. You get checks in the mail that you don’t really work for… You get prizes and get rewarded when you promote stuff (sometimes without even knowing it!)… And all the hard work is done by the product owner, so you don’t have to worry about pretty much anything!

There isn’t any copywriting. Or split testing. Or product development.

All you have to do is grab your affiliate link and promote a product on your site or your email list!

Now, I’ve been a super affiliate for about 5 years now. It took me 3 years to ‘figure it out.’ Add those up and you realize I’ve been in the game for 8 years.

I’ve sold more than my fair share of make money online courses, pretty successfully, but that’s changing as of right now.

You see, I’ve realized that the more people I can help make money online… The more people who I can bring into the fold… The better the world will actually work.

There are hundreds of thousands of products you can make money with online, ranging from digital products on Clickbank to physical products on Amazon to CPA offers in affiliate networks!

And I want to show you how, without any complicated setup or the need to spend money on advertising.

In fact, all you need is somewhere you can call home, whether that be a Facebook page, a website, or an email list. You just need a way of getting in front of other people who would be interested in what you’re promoting.

And that, my friend, is what I’m going to show you how to do…

Make money as an affiliate – for free!

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Step By Step Make Money Tutorials

For the last 3 years, we’ve marketed and sold this Affiliate Training Course for $997, and you get it for free if you sign up today.

Here’s what you’ll discover

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to find keywords that are super easy to rank for and will get you lots of free traffic from the search engines, without the need to spend any money on advertising unless you want to!
  • How to find affiliate products online that you can promote for either a straight up affiliate commission (sometimes as high as 75%) or a per sale commission (which is sometimes in the $1XXX’s!)
  • How to pair those keywords and affiliate products together on your website, blog or in you email promotions so that you make the most hands-off money possible!
  • Simple tutorials on how to build an affiliate website from scratch, without the hassle of web designers, developers, pretty graphics or the need for any coding! It’s all point and click and let’s face it, ugly sites work really well!
  • How to build a list from 100% free traffic, so you can market your affiliate products to your folks on a regular basis. Just send an email and get paid!
  • Plus so much more!

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Your Training Experience

We pride ourselves on delivering expert training and support to you, and this course is no different.

Register for Affiliate Marketing 101 and receive, for free:

  • Complete Multimedia Experience with video, audio and text based training all housed in a member’s only website.  You can go through the training on your computer, your iPad, your iPhone or give it to someone on your staff to implement for you!
  • ANYTIME Support so you can get the help you want, regardless of schedules!  You get access to email and phone support as you work through the training and implement it in your business!
  • FREE Lifetime Updates so you’re always 100% current with the latest trends.  As you know, technology and the Internet changes often and we make sure to update the training modules as new changes happen.  And you get lifetime access!
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Get Started…

You’re invited for a very limited time to join us inside the Affiliate Marketing 101 Course for FREE, no strings attached.

And if you’re wondering why, it’s pretty simple… We’re working on putting out some niche products in the education, dating and health fields.

By teaching you how to make money as an affiliate, we’re hoping that you will help us promote our products in the not so distant future, so we can all make money! That’s our incentive.

We teach you exactly how to be a super affiliate and perhaps you’ll help us promote our niche products!

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You’ll get an email immediately after checkout with your login information, and can start digging into all the material immediately!

Do You Have Questions?

If you have any questions about this class or whether it will work for you or not, please email or call 1-800-390-7204.

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– Jason & Tyler