Membership Sites 101
Create a membership site that earn you month every month, like clockwork!  Sell physical products, digital products, a newsletter, or simply allow members access to a forum or an association! Click here...
Freelancing 101
Start a thriving freelance business online, using your expertise and passion!  This course is perfect for programmers, designers, writers and transcriptionists!
Podcasting 101
Start, grow and scale your podcast in iTunes and the other MP3 directories!  This class features podcast formats, traffic strategies and profit streams!

Get Paid Forever!

Back when I started in affiliate marketing, I looked for low commitment, monthly recurring products that kept people involved forever because of the value they delivered. Today, those programs STILL represent the bulk of our revenue!

Sell It Once. Get Paid Every Month!

That’s the idea behind Money Sites Builder. We want to deliver so much value and functionality to your audience that they stay enrolled forever and you keep getting paid!

What Is Money Sites Builder?

Money Sites Builder is a website creation platform that sets up hosting, free domain names, and automatically installs all of the plugins and themes that affiliates will use on their sites. Members can build sites in less than 11 seconds, start to finish. No hosting. No troubleshooting. No unnecessary drama.

The Builder utilized cutting edge SEO tactics and over 200K backlinks already built for members! It’s the perfect affiliate publishing platform…

What Member’s Receive

In addition to the hosted Money Sites Builder software, they also get expert training through the Builder dashboard.

Check it out:

Builder Dashboard

And, each day’s lessons are delivered as multiple videos:

Builder Lesson

Swipe Copy And Links!

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